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"DISCOVER AUSTRALIA now operates Skywest Holidays"

Released Perth - 2011

DISCOVER AUSTRALIA Now Operates Skywest Holidays

"CELEBRATING 1 Million Tourists

Celebrating: Generating 1 Million Tourists


Released Perth - 2011

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Previous Press Releases:


Released Perth - 2006.

DISCOVER AUSTRALIA HOLIDAYS is delighted to announce that it has been appointed as the exclusive Travel Manager for the FINA World Masters Swimming Championships.

More than 8,000 people are expected to descend on Perth from all corners of the world for 10 days of swimming championships events.

Competition categories for the world championships include:

  • Pool Swimming Events

  • Diving

  • Water Polo

  • Synchronised Swimming

  • Open Water Swimming

The 2006 championships has just been held in San Francisco and was again a spectacular success. Here, the event was officially handed over to Australia for the 2008 titles.

DISCOVER AUSTRALIA was recently awarded the tender for the prestigious exclusive Travel Manager contract.

DISCOVER AUSTRALIA will be using its destination marketing expertise to help:
  • Maximise competitors attending the event

  • Maximise partners accompanying competitors

  • Maximise pre and post event regional touring

DISCOVER AUSTRALIA is already in the process of preparing excellent value accommodation packages along with pre and post touring options.

Accommodation packages in Perth will be for a minimum of 10 nights with plenty of pre and post touring opportunities.

Australia has done a superb job of securing this major event at an excellent time of the year.

DISCOVER AUSTRALIA will be working hard to motivate competitors and spectators on the natural attractions of Australia:

A comprehensive full colour printed brochure is being prepared by DISCOVER AUSTRALIA especially for this event that will include tourism products throughout the State. The brochure will be distributed around the world.

A dedicated website will include the full range of tourism products and will enable people to browse and book holidays online via DISCOVER AUSTRALIA's Online Marketing/Booking System.

We are confident that the 2008 Championships will deliver substantial upside business to many tourism operators in Australia.

Should you like more information please contact:

Email: events@discoverwest.com

DISCOVER AUSTRALIA has been appointed as the exclusive Travel Manager for the following upcoming major events:

  • World Ultimate Championships
    Perth 2006 (2,000+ people)

  • Australian Surf Life Saving Championships
    Perth 2007, 2008 and 2009(10,000+ people each year)

  • 12th FINA World Masters Swimming Championships
    Perth 2008 (8,000+ people)

Perth has previously hosted both the 1991 and 1998 FINA World Swimming Championships.

We look forward to welcoming the FINA family back to Perth in 2008.


Released Perth - 2006.

DISCOVER AUSTRALIA HOLIDAYS is proud to announce that it is the first wholesaler in Australia to have successfully implemented Dynamic Air Packaging.

DISCOVER AUSTRALIA's database is now directly connected to Virgin Blue's database so that 'live' fare information and bookings can be exchanged automatically.

DISCOVER AUSTRALIA can now automatically package live airfares with its own live accommodation inventory to create packages with a single discounted dynamic price.

The book-in-one-step packages are then presented based on actual dates and actual availability.

DISCOVER AUSTRALIA also has access to special discounted wholesale fares that are not available via Virgin Blue's own website.

DISCOVER AUSTRALIA's system is the world's first online facility to enable any combination of accommodation, vehicle hire, tours and packages within the same itinerary with a single payment. And now airfares can be added into the consumer's itinerary with a simple click or two.

" Everyone in the industry has been talking about dynamic packaging. We have been ready and waiting to connect directly to airlines, accommodation and car hire company's own internal systems for some time. We are delighted that Virgin Blue is the first airline ready to connect directly in this way. " said Managing Director, Nathan Harding.

The two computer systems connect directly via a secure link. The airfare booking transaction is made into the DISCOVER AUSTRALIA system which then automatically and instantly updates Virgin Blue's core database. Payment is taken by DISCOVER AUSTRALIA, e-tickets are issued by DISCOVER AUSTRALIA.

The two systems do not connect via any third parties (such as a GDS/CRS) and it is not like connecting websites.

The dynamic air packaging system has been successfully in use internally by DISCOVER AUSTRALIA for a couple of weeks in preparation for it going live externally via discoveraustralia.com.

DISCOVER AUSTRALIA will release the external dynamic air packaging booking module over the coming weeks.

DISCOVER AUSTRALIA continues to lead the industry in online marketing and electronic product distribution.

DISCOVER AUSTRALIA's technology developments provide the State of Australia with a significant competitive advantage against other competing destinations.


Released Perth - 2006.

Today marks the 10th anniversary since DISCOVER WEST HOLIDAYS was acquired by the Harding familys Kalhaven Group.

At that time, DISCOVER WEST had just one employee and handled less than 500 passengers a year.

After much hard work and significant investments, DISCOVER WEST has since grown to become the largest provider of tourism business to West Australian operators.

Now is a good time to reflect on the achievements that have been made, and to thank our partners for their contribution to the ongoing success and growth of the company.

DISCOVER WEST now handles in excess of 100,000 high-yield visitors a year. With current ongoing annual growth rates at an impressive 50%.

DISCOVER WEST publishes the most comprehensive brochure on West Australia.

DISCOVER WEST operates the #1 website on West Australia.

Recent developments include the launch of the companys own in-house engineered Online Marketing/Booking System.

This system is the worlds first online facility to enable any combination of accommodation, vehicle hire, tours and packages within the same itinerary with a single payment.

This system provides the State of Western Australia with a significant competitive advantage against other competing destinations. Current developments and enhancements to the system will push the envelope even further and ensure that it maintains its world leading position into the future.

Over the last year, DISCOVER WEST has established the Events Division; which has won all three major events it has tendered for. These events will account for in excess of 10,000 visitors to the State over the coming year alone. Events are secured right through until 2009.

Sister company, DISCOVER AUSTRALIA HOLIDAYS will be launching some very exciting new major initiatives early in 2006, so watch this space!

Thank you for the part you have played in the outstanding success of DISCOVER WEST HOLIDAYS.

We look forward to continue working closely with you.

Kindest regards from the Harding family and the DISCOVER WEST Team.
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