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Wyndham Australia
Wyndham WA
Wyndham Kimberley Western Australia

Wyndham Australia

3440km north east of Perth and one hour from Kununurra, where the King River meets Cambridge Gulf, is Wyndham. It is Australias northernmost town and port and home to a number of attractions including Western Australias first Crocodile Park, excellent fishing, horse riding and walking trails, exciting wildlife, magnificent scenery, secluded billabongs and many fine historical buildings.

Wyndham History

Wyndham was originally a small service town for the emerging cattle barons Kings in Grass Castles of Australias north west before a massive influx over 5000 of gold diggers entered the colony through Wyndham, heading for the southern goldfields near Halls Creek.

A large jarrah jetty was built in the 1890s to export cattle that was also a catalyst to Wyndhams growth.

In the 1880s, a second smaller settlement was set up three miles away, at Wyndham East or Three Mile as it was known.

In 1919, the government developed the local meat works and processing centre, which became Wyndhams chief industry until it was closed in 1985.

Wyndham East

A few kilometers along the Gulf, Wyndham East is the main residential and shopping area and both it and Wyndham port are vital links to the development of the East Kimberley region and Wyndham jetty is to be overhauled.

Around town, visit the Lookout at Five Rivers where the King, Ord, Pentecost, Durack and Forest empty into the Cambridge Gulf. Safely spot wild saltwater crocodiles from Crocodile Lookout over the creek that was used by the meat works as a blood drain out into the Gulf.

Wyndham Saltwater Crocodiles

Many saltwater crocodiles are found in the estuaries surrounding Wyndham, especially this particular area. Wyndham is also home to Big Croc, the 18m-long, 3m-high model of a saltwater crocodile and Western Australias first crocodile farm. You can watch and feed crocodiles, alligators and komodo dragons at the Zoological Gardens and Crocodile Park.

Kimberley Prison Tree

Take local advice on a swim at the Grotto, a waterhole oasis secluded by Boab trees and stair-like platforms of dusty-red rock that surround the pool in a natural amphitheatre. A few kilometers away lies the Prison Tree, a hollow old Boab tree used by local police as a temporary lock-up for, usually Aboriginal, prisoners.

Durack Family

The Post Office and also Duracks store are fine examples of early Western Australian architecture and the two Afghan Cemeteries pay respect to the many camel drovers that came from the Middle East to transport cattle through the harsh areas surrounding Wyndham.