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Tunnel Creek Travel & Tourism
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Tunnel Creek Gibb River Road Australia
Gibb River Road WA
Gibb River Road Kimberley Western Australia
Tunnel Creek National Park

Tunnel Creek National Park

Tunnel Creek National Park features a creek which tunnels its way 750m through the Napier Range. Wade through the refreshingly cool waters by torch-light to the other entrance. Nearby Pigeon Cave was the hideout of Aboriginal freedom fighter, Jandamarra.

Tunnel Creek Access

About 35km southeast of Windjana Gorge along the Fairfield Windjana Road and some 180km from Derby lies Tunnel Creek. Recently made into a National Park providing an opportunity to see the ancient Devonian reef fossils underground, visitors can wade through the icy waters of Tunnel Creek and along the 750m-long tunnel it has created from one side of the Napier Range to the other.

This beautiful, underground environment is home to a large colony of bats over five different species at home amongst the stalactites and roof crevices. The roof of the tunnel has collapsed inside part of the cave; the natural light revealing Tunnel Creeks dramatic beauty. Freshwater crocodiles are found in the cold pools that are part of Western Australias oldest cave system.


Tunnel Creek is part of the brave history of the Aboriginal people at the time of European settlement in the 1890s. Jandamarra, a heroic freedom fighter, used the caves and the Napier Range as hideouts from police.

The touching story of Jandamarra, a skilled Aboriginal tracker who adopted guerrilla tactics in an attempt to hinder the spread of white settlement, is one of violence and sadness. It is best imagined within the majestic milieu of Tunnel Creek.