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Tom Price Australia
Tom Price WA
Tom Price North West Western Australia
Tom Price
Tom Price

Tom Price Australia

Located 1564km north of Perth, Tom Price was purpose-built by Hamersley Iron mining Company in 1965 after rich deposits of iron-ore were discovered in the nearby Hamersley Ranges. Just a few kilometres from this modern mining town, visitors can visit a working iron-ore mine or explore the magnificent Karijini National Park, formerly known as Hamersley Range National Park.

Tom Price History

As early as 1952, Lang Hancock had surveyed the Hamersley Range area, detecting deposits of iron-ore. As soon as the government embargo on all steel and iron exports was lifted, he began operations to explore the area properly.

In 1962, two scientists landed on the top of the Hamersley Ranges and found that they were almost pure iron-ore.

By 1964, the mine site was developed and in 1965, the town of Tom Price was developed to accommodate those working the mine. The town with its tree-lined streets and relaxed atmosphere make it an ideal stopover point or base to explore the surrounding wonderland.

Mount Nameless

Nicknamed the Top Town in Western Australia, Tom Price is geographically the highest town in the state. Nearby Mount Nameless 1128m has a three-hour return walking trail or a longer, higher 4WD track that affords visitors superb views of Tom Price Township and the Hamersley Iron Mine.

Karijini National Park

Tom Price is an excellent base to explore the Karijini National Park, just a few kilometres from town. The Karijini National Park is known for its beautiful narrow gorges and chasms, spectacular wildflower displays and exciting wildlife. Explore the Joffre Gorge and Falls; stand on Oxer Lookout where four narrow gorges meet, spend time at Weano Gorge or fabulous Fortesque Waterfalls.

Hamersley Iron Mine

At the Hamersley Iron Mine in Tom Prince, the haul truck workshop, the massive main mine pit area, huge working trucks, shovels and drills in action; crushing and screening plants and the train load-out are part of the sights to see.