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Thevenard Island Travel & Tourism
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Thevenard Island Mackeral Islands Australia
Mackeral Islands WA
Mackeral Islands North West Western Australia

Thevenard Island Mackeral Islands Western Australia Australia

Thevenard Island, a C Class Nature Reserve, is one of the ten islands that make up the Mackerel Islands. The Mackerel Islands are in the Pilbara Region of Australias North West. Situated off Onslow, the Mackerel Islands are 1400km north of Perth in the beautiful Indian Ocean.

Mackerel Islands Attractions

The isolated Indian Ocean beaches off the Pilbara are regularly visited each year by turtles, which make their way up the beaches at night to nest from about mid October for several weeks. Green Turtles and Flat Back Turtles trail up the beaches, leaving heavy tracks in the sand. Nests are dug, batches of eggs are laid and then flippers are used to pile sand into great mounds to protect the eggs. Baby turtles hatch 6 to 8 weeks later and instinctively head for the Indian Ocean. The Indian Ocean surrounding the Mackerel Islands is part of the whale migration route of the beautiful Humpback whales. With southbound migration taking place between June and October, the area becomes a nursery, with calving taking place in the waters around August. Many species of dolphins, such as common, bottlenose, spinner and humpback dolphins are often sighted off the Mackerel Islands. Elusive and fabled dugongs breed in the tropical waters off the Mackerel Islands in the eight months from September to April.