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Shell Beach Travel & Tourism
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Shell Beach Monkey Mia Australia
Monkey Mia WA
Monkey Mia North West Western Australia
Shell Beach Monkey Mia Western Australia
Shell Beach Monkey Mia Western Australia

Shell Beach Monkey Mia Western Australia Australia

Billions of tiny white 'coquina bivalve' sea shells form a 60km long beach aptly named Shell Beach. The deposits are many metres deep and go right out into the calm bay - it is easy to walk out to sea through the clear waters for many, many metres. Several buildings in Denham and on surrounding stations were built from blocks of the compacted shells.

The hypersalinated water of LHaridon Bight in Shark Bay are home to billions of tiny coquina bivalve shells and is known as Shell Beach.

About 45km south of Denham Township and on the other side of the peninsula from Monkey Mia, the coquina bivalve shellfish has no predator. The shell fish have existed in huge numbers for thousands of years, then died natural deaths then been washed ashore.

Shell Beach is covered for a 60km-long stretch to a depth of some seven to ten metres. The effect is brilliant; a long, snow-white beach bordered by aqua blue ocean waters. Shell Beach is one of only two shell beaches like it in the world. There must be many photo albums around the world with photos of persons throwing a handful of snow like shells high into the air, with the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean behind them; the sun bright; and the photo giving the appearance of a heavy snow storm in the tropics of Australias Coral Coast.

The shells are mined under special license nowadays for production of calcium for poultry feed and exotic mulch for gardens and planters. In the early years of Denham, blocks of the solidified shell deposits were mined and used as materials in building constructions.