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Perth Australia

The abundance of world class entertainment, sporting events and cultural festivals along with its phenomenal growth, belies its status as the most isolated capitol city in the world. Its friendly multi-cultural diversity is no better reflected than in the colourful and lively dining experiences: from ultra-sophisticated southern European alfresco cafes to a complete array of Asian cuisines - all offering unsurpassed value for money. A place where beef sirloin, rock lobsters, mangoes and world class wines are just a part of daily life.

Western Australias Capital

Perth, the capital of Western Australia, lies on the banks of the Swan River and is a cosmopolitan city with a big country heart. On the banks of the Swan River, its home to a melting pot of personalities and nationalities that enjoy a relaxed, clean lifestyle with all the advantages of a modern city. With its abundance of attractions, perfect climate and friendly people, Perths phenomenal growth belies its status as the most isolated city in the world.

Perth History

The Dutch were the first Europeans to sight the Perth area in the late 17th Century but it was the British who founded the colony. After they established Albany on the southern coast, Captain James Stirling settled the township of Perth on the banks of the clear Swan River in 1829. The first non-convict settlement in Australia, Perth was slow to progress until 1850 when convicts were shipped in to assist the free settlers in the development. The discovery of gold in the eastern goldfields was a catalyst to Perths growth, as were the network of railways constructed during the late 19th Century. Large deposits of nickel and iron-ore were detected and a huge mining industry developed, giving Perth another massive boost. Perth is now home to a mix of people from a number of countries.

Perth Today

Perth covers an area of 8.75 square kilometres and has many modern, multi-story buildings, busy streets, shops, restaurants and nightclubs, just like any other modern city but on a relaxed, smaller scale. The streets, especially St. Georges Terrace, are busy during work hours. Traffic jams and queues do occur however, they are relatively minor compared to larger cities of Sydney or London. There are many inner-city parks, including Kings Park on Mt Eliza that overlooks the city. One of the biggest city parks in the world, Kings Park offers fantastic panoramas of the Perth city skyline, the rolling Darling Ranges to the east and the many wide, green parks and grassed areas on that surround the banks of the Swan River.

Perth Water

Perth is actually 19km inland from the sparkling Indian Ocean coast and main port of Fremantle, a delightful fishing town full of culture and history. Home of the elegant Black Swan, the Swan River winds its way through Perth city and its suburbs, widening to the size of a lake at Melville Waters. The Swan River Trust was set-up in the 1960s to ensure that the waters remained clean and clear. There are numerous smooth walkways and tracks to walk; skate or cycle around the river and foreshore areas and the river is safe to swim in.

Inland, the modest slopes of the Darling Range envelopes the city. Between the city and the hills lie the Swan Valley, Perths wine and gourmet food region just 30 minutes away and accessible by road or the Swan River. Perth lacks the unsightly industry that permeates many of the worlds capital cities. Industry is mainly clean and is concentrated at Kwinana and other areas along the southern coast.

Perth Climate

Perths inhabitants make the most of the long, warm summer days that make a variety of water sports accessible. On the Swan River, boating is extremely popular. On a perfect Perth day it is common to see sailboats, skiffs and powerboats out on the water with people enjoying water-skiing, parasailing, fishing, swimming or just lazing around in the warm sunshine on the grassy banks.

Perth is also home to some of the best beaches in the world. Clean, warm water meets the soft, white beaches where surfing, swimming, boating, snorkelling, diving, beachcombing, barbecues and sunbathing are popular. With its long, dry, warm summers and clean, spacious waterways Perth is an absolute water wonderland focused on the outdoor lifestyle.