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Pemberton Australia
Pemberton WA
Pemberton South West Western Australia

Pemberton Australia

The town of Pemberton is nestled in a quiet Valley, surrounded by towering Karri, Jarrah and Marri forests. They contain the largest hardwood trees in the world. The Gloucester Tree is the world's tallest public look-out tree
Nestled in a quiet valley 338km south of Perth, the timber town of Pemberton is surrounded and captivated by bewitching forests of karri, jarrah and marri. See the tallest karri tree in the southwest and climb the Gloucester Tree, the worlds highest fire lookout. Take a peaceful walk, tram ride or scenic drive through the thick forests that come alive with dazzling displays of rare and delicate wildflowers in spring.

Originally a small settlement for breeding horses, Pemberton was proclaimed a town in 1912.

A sawmill was established the next year and it felled hundreds of trees, producing massive amounts of high-grade timber used to construct Australias railway systems. Today, the sawmill is still the centre of Pemberton. The mill is the biggest in Australia, is completely computerised and is open for inspection.

Nature lovers will treasure a visit to Pemberton with its beautiful forests that feature a number of interesting attractions. The most popular is a climb to the top of the Gloucester Tree; built in 1947 it is the highest fire lookout in the world. Bushfires are an obvious threat to a town founded on timber and so a series of fire lookouts were constructed in the late 1930s.

Gloucester Tree

The most economic option was to build ladders up the highest trees and place platforms at the top. The Gloucester Tree is the tallest of these lookouts, standing 61m above the ground. A climb up the 153 spiraling rungs to the top will afford you superb views over the tops of the forest but beware - the climb is not for the faint-hearted!

The Pemberton Railway offers a scenic tram ride through majestic local forests. The air is fresh and the scenery magnificent, especially during springtime when the forests dance with a variety of colourful wildflower species. Fishing is also popular. Rainbow Trout and marron large freshwater lobster are bred in hatcheries around Pemberton and millions are released into streams and rivers each year. You can catch these delicacies in the wild or by visiting one of the hatcheries. Wine is a fast-growing industry in Pemberton with over 30 vineyards in the area. The main varieties include Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon from famous wineries such as Salitage, Eastbrook Estate, Treen Ridge and Smithbrook Wines.

Pemberton is surrounded by beautiful National Parks; four of which are informally called the Pemberton National Parks Beedelup, Brockman, Gloucester and Warren.

Gloucester National Park

Tiny Gloucester National Park, just 3km from Pemberton, contains the Gloucester Tree and The Cascades. Here, the Lefroy Brook tumbles over rocky shelves providing picturesque spots for a picnic, barbecue or fishing among the forest. The Cascades vary in their intensity, from a gentle flow in winter to a raging torrent in winter. Beedelup National Park is mostly karri forest with some areas of mixed forest and patches of jarrah and karri trees. Beedelup National Park has a lush under storey environment due to the abundance of moisture and is home to some of the most rare and delicate orchids in the southwest.

Brockman National Park

The 49ha Brockman National Park has winding scenic roads lined with soaring karri trees, and below, thick shrubs, bushes and smaller peppermint trees mix together to form a serene landscape.

Warren National Park

Southwest of Pemberton, Warren National Park covers 2984ha and protects majestic karri forests that tower over the bubbling Warren River. The lovely Maidenbush and Heartbreak walking trails follow the river; Warren Lookout is a great place to stop for a serene forest moment. This park is also home to the Bicentennial Tree, one of the three fire lookouts that are open to the public. It is the highest karri tree in the southwest standing at a height of 89m and was pegged in 1988 as part of Australias bicentennial celebrations.

Pemberton is also the centre for some fabulous works of art and craft, inspired by and made from the local forests. Any time of year is a great time to visit Pemberton; the allure of the wise, old forests will entice visitors of all ages for many years to come.