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Norseman Tourism & Travel

Norseman Australia
Norseman WA
Norseman South West Western Australia

Norseman Australia

Norseman Western Australia lies some 195km south east of Kalgoorlie. Norseman is the last large town on the Eyre Highway for travelers heading east toward South Australia.

Norseman - History

In 1894, Norseman stumbled and kicked up a stone, which stone turned out to be a large gold nugget. Norseman is steeped in gold mining history, reflected in its colossal tailings dump. The tailings are popular with amateur prospectors and gemstone collectors. Gold put Norseman on the map in the early 1890s with one of the richest quartz reefs in Australia. Ore from Norseman is of high grade and the field is accumulatively the second richest goldfield in Western Australia. Norseman was the name of the horse belonging to prospector Lawrence S.Sinclair.

Norseman - Attractions

Go gem fossicking: gemstone permits are available.See the bronze statue of Norseman sculptor by Robert Hitchcock and the Camel Train, of corrugated iron camels, paying homage to the camels, which were so essential to the prospectors in the days before 4WD.Visit the Historical Geological Collection to see mining tools and early household items and Dollykissangel Toy Museum with its display of antique dolls; travel the 33km heritage trail that follows and original Cobb & Co stage coaching route.