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Nannup Tourism & Travel

Nannup Australia
Nannup WA
Nannup South West Western Australia

Nannup Australia

The quiet and pretty town of Nannup is 280km south of Perth, nestled against the Blackwood River amongst rolling hills and tall stands of jarrah and karri trees. This timber town in Australias South West offers impressive riverside walks, bushwalks and scenery, especially during springtime.

Nannup History

Farmers originally settled Nannup during the 1850s and 1860s after Thomas Turner set out to explore the potential of the Blackwood River region for its agricultural land. The township developed slowly. A bridge over the Blackwood River was built in 1866, then a police station and post office were constructed in the next few years. Nannup was officially proclaimed a town in 1890 but it wasnt until the early 1900s that the town really began to grow with the opening of the Bunnings Timber Mill. Timber has been the centre of employment and industry since this company realised the commercial potential of Nannups surrounding jarrah and karri forests.

Nannup Today

Attractions in Nannup include the beautiful forests and the many serene nature trails and bushwalks to explore, including the Timberline Trail, the River Walk along the Blackwood River, the Wildflower Walk through the Jarrah Forest and the Town Heritage Trail.

There are numerous scenic drives and picnic spots along the river, the most noteworthy being the swimming spots at Barragup Pool and Red Gully. The forest literally comes alive during spring late August to early December with beautiful and rare wildflowers. In season, trout and marron can be caught in the clear waters of Blackwood River and canoeing is also popular.

Nannup Arts and Craft

Nannup is also a large arts and craft centre with a number of festivals held annually. On the long weekend in March, Australian and international performers congregate deep in the forest by the Blackwood River for the Folk and Music Festival. During August, the annual Flower and Garden festival brings visitors from all over the globe to witness the explosion of colourful wildflowers that blankets Nannup and the surrounding forests.

All year round, the Nannup wineries are a delight to visit. The Nannup Tulip Festival grown in repute each year and the township dress up its open spaces with daffodils and tulips to match the mood. The town of Nannup has an unusual example of a shop that is a true art deco, odeonesque, building on the main street.

The architecture of the other buildings is all very much Australian country style and the hospitality of the town is the same.

Nannup Wineries

While Blackwood Winery, no longer has the excellent restaurant attached to it, must be recommended for a visit; try the Cabernet shiraz!