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Mt Elizabeth Travel & Tourism
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Mt Elizabeth Gibb River Road Australia
Gibb River Road WA
Gibb River Road Kimberley Western Australia

Mt Elizabeth Gibb River Road Western Australia Australia

Situated 30 km off the Gibb River Road, Mount Elizabeth Station is some 338 km from Derby and 309 km from Kununurra on the remote cusp where the East and the West Kimberley meets.

Mount Elizabeth Station - History

From the onset of human habitation, the abundant fresh water and rich food sources of the central Kimberley country and out to the coast enabled the earliest aboriginal people and their descendants to develop a rich cultural life. The Kimberley aboriginals knew the country of their people intimately; rock outcrops and caves were decorated with ancient aboriginal art; both the soit dit Bradshaw and Wandjina traditions. Through their cultural traditions, Aboriginal people maintain their connection to their ancestral lands and waters.Later, when gold prospector Frank Hann explored the area in1898, he named Mount Elizabeth for his mother. Then when pioneer Peter Lacy drove his cattle across the Kimberley outback in 1945, Peter established Mount Elizabeth Station and the Lacy dynasty in the Kimberley with Teresa, his Aboriginal lady. Both Peter and Teresa are at rest in the little cemetery at Mount Elizabeth.

Mount Elizabeth Station - Today

The legendary Lacy dynasty continues at Mount Elizabeth Station, now with Peter and his lady Pat and their offspring running the working cattle station. Peter Lacy runs around 6000 head of cattle and heads up the mustering. Pat is active on the station and both host the awed visitors from around the world. The Mount Elizabeth Homestead is an oasis of lush gardens, soft green lawn, pandanus palms and gums and abundant wildlife.

Mount Elizabeth Activities

Mount Elizabeth is an opportunity to experience life on a remote, outback working Kimberley Cattle Station. Perhaps swim in remote waterholes, such as Wunnumurra, where you can spend a day at the beach in the heart of the Kimberley; an exceptional area with a natural sandy beach shore surrounding the large round rock pool. Self guided 4WD touring, bush walking, canoeing, and fishing and for the birdwatcher, the abundant birdlife of the Kimberley is a delight.