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Mt Augustus Tourism & Travel

Mt Augustus Australia
Mt Augustus WA
Mt Augustus North West Western Australia
Mt Augustus
Mt Augustus

Mt Augustus Australia

The largest rock in the world is Mt Augustus. Twice the size of Ayers Rock, it abruptly rises 2354 ft above the surrounding plains, and at 1750 million years old, it has long been an outstanding landmark. It constantly changes colour from bright red at sunrise through shades of green, to hues of blue then through orange to gold at sunset.

Aboriginal Dreamtime

Mt Augustus plays a significant part in Aboriginal Dreamtime culture, ancient rock paintings and carvings can be seen here. It is quite remote from main roads and is a 4WD treat.

Kennedy Ranges

The Kennedy Ranges are a nearby escarpment and gorge country well off the beaten track.

It is beautiful and little known, with many marine fossils and much wildlife.

Mt Augustus Wildflowers

After rain, the wildflowers are spectacular, with 'everlastings' growing from horizon to horizon across the plain. Hamersley Range, Karijini National Park, Pilbara.