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Monkey Mia Australia
Monkey Mia WA
Monkey Mia North West Western Australia
Monkey Mia
Monkey Mia

Monkey Mia Australia

Monkey Mia is famed for the numerous bottlenose dolphins that decide to visit and interact with the humans at the beach. They are part of a pod of around 300 wild dolphins that live in the bay. In 1964 a lady from one of the near-by fishing camps befriended the dolphins, regularly feeding them. Generations of wild dolphins have enjoyed the regular human contact which has now become a part of their daily lives.

Monkey Mia Dolphins

About 850km north of Perth lies Monkey Mia said My-ah, the world famous beach where friendly dolphins swim to shore to interact with eager humans. Located near the town of Denham on the Peron Peninsula, this protected area is housed within the extraordinary Shark Bay World Heritage Area. Monkey Mia, on Australias Coral Coast, is close to a vast number of unique attractions unparalleled anywhere else in the world.

Monkey Mia gained its name from a pearling boat called Monkey that anchored here in the late 19th century during in the days when pearling was an industry in the region.

Monkey Mias population was never large; settlement was hindered by the lack of rain and water. Until recent times, water was obtained from nearby desalination plant at Denham, the main township located 26km southwest on the other side of the Peron Peninsula.

The dolphins attract enthusiasts each year; marine biologists visit Monkey Mia to study the friendly dolphins in their natural habitat and people come from around the world to experience nature in the raw. The small group of dolphins that come into shore are part of a much larger pod of 300 that live further out in the bay. These beautiful bottlenose dolphins come of their own free will to interact with humans on a daily basis.

Dolphin Information Centre

The original Dolphin Information Centre was opened in the 1980s and sealed roads were built in 1985, which dramatically increased the number of visitors to Monkey Mia. In 1990, the waters surrounding Monkey Mia were officially declared a marine park and in 2001, the Monkey Mia Visitors Centre was opened by the Western Australian Government department of Conservation and Land Management CALM.

Shark Bay World Heritage Area

Close to Monkey Mia is the beautiful Shell Beach at L Harridan Bight, the stromatolites in the pools of Hamelin Bay, the lookout and dugong breeding area of Eagle Bluff and all the natural wonders of the Shark Bay World Heritage Area and Fran??ois Peron National Parks.