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Mitchell Plateau Travel & Tourism
Mitchell Plateau Package Deals

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Mitchell Plateau Gibb River Road Australia
Gibb River Road WA
Gibb River Road Kimberley Western Australia
Mitchell Plateau Gibb River Road Western Australia
Mitchell Plateau Gibb River Road Western Australia

Mitchell Plateau Gibb River Road Western Australia Australia

The Mitchell Plateau is set in seriously remote wilderness and is one of the worlds last frontiers to be explored.Access tracks to the spectacular Mitchell Plateau start 406km along the Gibb River Road from the West Kimberley side, with the Kalumburu Aboriginal Community some 267km to the north. This region of Australia's North West has been inhabited by Aboriginal people for thousands of years and is still home to the Wunambal people. The track was put through to the Kalumburu Mission in the far north Kimberley as recently as 1954.This is seriously remote 4WD only territory and should not be undertaken without adequate preparation and an entry permit is required to enter lands owned by aboriginal people.

Mitchell Falls Far North Kimberley Western Australia

Access to the Mitchell Falls is by light aircraft or via the Mitchell Plateau track, westbound off Kalumburu Road in the far north Kimberley area of Western Australia. The area is only accessible during the dry Kimberley season when the Gibb River Road is open from around May to November each year.The Kimberley wet takes place from around December to May and the Mitchell Plateau area gets an average annual rainfall of some 1600 millimetres. When 'the wet' comes to the Kimberley, torrential rains make rivers run in mighty torrents; dry riverbeds become wide and deep and fast flowing streams that carry away every thing in their path. As the torrents flood the high country, they fall in stupendous cataracts and waterfalls into deep gorges.The Mitchell Falls is a spectacular series of 4 falls. The Mitchell Falls is the main natural attraction of the Mitchell Plateau region while the falls are cascading. The Mitchell Falls usually flow from the wet until anywhere between July to October annually. The Mitchell Falls are accessible via a bush walk of some 5km each way. The walk is in a remote wilderness area and requires a reasonable level of fitness, taking around 90 minutes each way. Mertens Falls and Mertens Gorge are available for a cooling swim enroute to the Mitchell Falls. Helicopter flights are also available.