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Mitchell Falls Travel & Tourism
Mitchell Falls Package Deals

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Mitchell Falls Gibb River Road Australia
Gibb River Road WA
Gibb River Road Kimberley Western Australia
Mitchell Plateau
Mitchell Plateau

Mitchell Plateau

The highlight of the Mitchell Plateau is the stupendous Mitchell Falls that cascade over layers of rock into a deep pool. The return trek from the car park to the Falls can take 5 to 6 hours, so a full day should be allowed for the experience.

Livistonia Palms

Remnant rainforest and Livistonia palms grow tall on the rocky sides of the natural pool; the clear fresh water is an absolute oasis in the Kimberley outback.

Mertens Falls

Also in the region are important sites for Aboriginal Rock art and the lovely waters of Mertens Falls.

Mitchell Plateau Access

It takes at least two days driving or 15 hours to drive to Mitchell Plateau from the nearest town of Kununurra. Impossible during the wet season November to May, the unsealed road was made in 1954 to access the Mitchell Plateau for mining exploration that took place throughout the 1960s and 1970s.

Mitchell River

Aboriginals have lived on the land for thousands of years and this area is the land of the Wunambal people. You can explore this magnificent waterfall system, created by the Mitchell River as it carves its way through the sandstone margins of the Mitchell Plateau. Fan palms abound in stunning display, some as old as 250 years stretch tall into the clear blue skies. Biologists have found more than 220 bird species, 50 different mammals, and 88 types of amphibians and reptiles on the Mitchell Plateau.

This is serious saltwater crocodile country and all signs should be well observed.