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Manjimup Tourism & Travel

Manjimup Australia
Manjimup WA
Manjimup South West Western Australia

Manjimup Australia

Manjimup, the Gateway to the Tall Timber Country, is 307kms south of Perth and 130kms southeast of Bunbury in Western Australias South West. Home to the Diamond Tree Fire Tower, the Four Aces and a number of awe-inspiring attractions inextricably linked to the magnificent jarrah and karri forests that surround it.

Manjimup Overview

Manjimup is the commercial centre of the southwest corner of Western Australia and the states largest potato-growing area. It is surrounded by fertile agricultural land that is used for dairying and farms of beef, sheep and vegetables. Since the first settlers arrived in 1856, timber has played a large part in its livelihood and today, timber and wood chipping are still major industries. Tourism has now become a major source of revenue for Manjimup; thousands of tourists arrive each year to marvel at the beautiful forests that are the backbone of Manjimup.

Manjimup Fire Lookout Towers

Bushfires have always been a problem in Australia during the summer months and Manjimup, a town founded upon timber, was no exception. In the late 1930s, the Forestry Department decided to establish a network of lookouts throughout Manjimup and the surrounding forests of the southwest area.

To construct fire lookout towers from scratch would prove to be an expensive exercise and so ladders and platforms were built onto the tallest of the giant trees in the region. The Diamond Tree Tower was constructed in 1941 to spot fires threatening to Manjimup. Just south of Manjimup town, this vantage point is 51m above the ground and is crowned with a four-legged wooden tower. Those brave enough are welcome to climb the Diamond Tree for great views of the vast forests.

It was an exciting time to be in Manjimup in 1973 when aircraft were first tested as fire spotters at the same time that Manjimup was the epicenter of a solar eclipse that drew scientists from around the world to this tiny spot in the South West of Western Australia.

The Four Aces, located 22km out of Manjimup, are four karri trees standing next to each other. Nothing can prepare you for the thoughts and feelings these 75m-tall, 400 year-old trees and the extraordinary ecosystems that they each support can stir. Before any white man even laid eyes on Australia, these trees had their roots firmly in the ground. A simple placard stands nearby stating Karri trees are amongst the oldest living things on the entire planet. One tree can use 170 litres of water a day and take nine people holding hands to span its girth. These huge karri trees must be seen to believed and no reading or statistics can compare to standing beside these beautiful giants of the natural world.

Manjimup Forests

Manjimup is certainly the place to visit if you are interested in forestry. Manjimup boasts Western Australias only timber museum and the Manjimup Timber Park. Here, you can see fascinating displays of local timber history, machinery and artifacts; an historical village and displays of local timbers. Just to the east of Manjimup is the King Jarrah Heritage Trail, a 650m walk through enchanting forests to a particular tree that some claim is over 1200 years old! The walk will afford you some of the freshest air you have ever breathed and between October and December the area is ablaze with magnificent wildflower displays.

December time is Cherry Festival time in Manjimup a true country festival.

One Tree Bridge

20km from Manjimup, One Tree Bridge portrays the history of Manjimups settlement and surrounding area. The local council and the Forestry Department made this display; it offers rare insights into the hardships of settling an area so thick with hardwood forests. Bring a picnic lunch, as there are beautiful spots to sit and enjoy the quiet surrounds and blue skies.

Fontys Pool

Nearby is the National Trust classified Fontys Pool, a lovely swimming hole created in 1925 by a farmer who threw a concrete dam across a creek to irrigate his vegetables.

Also close to Manjimup, are the delightful towns of Pemberton, Bridgetown and Nannup.