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Mandurah Tourism & Travel

Mandurah Australia
Mandurah WA
Mandurah South West Western Australia

Mandurah Australia

72km south of Perth, Mandurah is located at the entrance to the Peel Inlet and offers a unique blend of fishing, swimming and beach activities in some of the finest waterways in Australia, less than an hours drive away from Perth, the capitol city of Western Australia. This busy capital of the Peel region is constantly abuzz with lively locals and laid-back tourists. Mandurah is an excellent gateway to the Australias South West.

Mandurah Lifestyle

Mandurah has a long history as a great place to holiday and many West Australians have chosen to stay permanently. Mandurah strikes a great balance between being close to Perth yet far enough away to enjoy the faster pace of city living.

Mandurah has all of the modern facilities a commuter rail-link has commenced and will be opened in the near future available to city-dwellers but with the added bonus a country life style. Mandurah is an absolute water wonderland that brings thousands of tourists to its clean waters all year-round, and offers activities such as surfing, crabbing, dolphin watching, boating, swimming, fishing and world-class golfing are all part of the abundance of attractions of Mandurah.

Mandurahs population is just over 50,000 and is continuing to rise at a rapid rate, already making it the fastest growing regional town in Western Australia.

Mandurah Town

Mandurahs town centre is situated around Mandjar Bay, its broad esplanade is lined with cafes, restaurants, and barbecue and picnic facilities punctuated by a number of picturesque walks along wide tree lined paths. Mandurah is a place for people to enjoy their environment and it is a very unusual day when one or two families are not crabbing from the town jetty.

Mandurah Dolphins

Dolphins come right into the bay and can often be spotted from the foreshore. Mandurah has a rich arts and festival culture and in summer many street performances can be seen on the main foreshore. Mandurah shares a similar climate as Perth; warm to hot summers and cool but wet winters still with plenty of sun. Planning a holiday is made so much easier by the ideal weather conditions.

Dawesville Cut

Fed by the Serpentine, Murray, Harvey and Dandalup rivers, Mandurah sits on the double-armed inlet of Harvey Estuary and the Peel Inlet. The Dawesville Cut, a large man-made engineering feat, was created to ensure that development did not cause environmental problems and allows flushing water flow between the ocean and inlet. Creative city planning has produced fabulous canal housing developments along the clean waterways of the Cut. Where the cut meets the Indian Ocean, there are fantastic fishing spots can catch a full bag of fish including massive jewfish.

Mandurah Crabbing

Mandurah offers excellent fishing off the outer reefs and its pristine beaches and is also known as Crab City due to the extensive population of large crabs in its estuarine waters.

Mandurah Boating

Its boating facilities are exceptional; the world-class marina and waterways are used by thousands of water-lovers year-round with activity doubling during peak summer months. Despite its enormous population growth, Mandurah still retains its pleasant, relaxed holiday atmosphere. The Mandurah Boat and Fishing Show, Crab Fest, Stretch Arts and Community Festival and the Mandurah are major community events held annually.