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Lake Argyle Travel & Tourism
Lake Argyle Package Deals

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Lake Argyle Kununurra Australia
Kununurra WA
Kununurra Kimberley Western Australia
Lake Argyle Kununurra Western Australia
Lake Argyle Kununurra Western Australia

Lake Argyle Kununurra Western Australia Australia

Lake Argyle, near the township of Kununurra Western Australia the key to the Ord River Irrigation Scheme. The Ord River Irrigation Scheme was created to take advantage of the stupendous annual rainfall of the Kimberley. The very successful Ord River Irrigation Scheme is expected to play increasingly important role as the food bowl of Western Australia in the future.Damming the mighty Ord River to create the Ord River Dam created Lake Argyle. Lake Argyle is the biggest inland sea Australia, holding nine times the size of Sydney Harbour. Islands in the Argyle Dam are the old mountaintops of the Argyle Station, which lies below the waters of Lake Argyle.At the edge of Lake Argyle a pioneer museum is set in the old Argyle Homestead, which was removed, from its original setting, which is now a watery grave. This Argyle homestead was the second homestead built by the pioneering Durack family between 1893 and 1895. Some 250km south of Kununurra is the huge Argyle Diamonds Mine. The ultra modern Argyle Diamond Mine is the world's largest, producing around 35% of the world's diamonds, although most are of industrial quality. In this most remote Kimberley wilderness, contracted mine workers are flown in to work for a few weeks at a time - a practice known as 'fly-in fly-out'. The workers of the Argyle Diamond Mine enjoy gourmet meals and have access to possibly the only 'corner shop deli' in the world which is so well stocked it actually sells diamond jewellery alongside the shampoo and deodorant!