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Kalbarri Tourism & Travel

Kalbarri Australia
Kalbarri WA
Kalbarri North West Western Australia

Kalbarri Australia

Wild Australian beauty is unsurpassed at Kalbarri National Park, which encompasses the lower reaches of the mighty Murchison River, as it winds its way through spectacular red gorges to the Indian Ocean. The Z Bend, The Loop and Hawks Head look-outs are easily accessible and each offer a superb panorama. Calm waters of the Murchison allow for a refreshing dip. Many spots along the Kalbarri coast afford breathtaking views. Precipitous sea cliffs in layers of multi-coloured sandstone loom over the crashing white foam.

Kalbarri Location

Kalbarri lies on the Western Australian coast, 661km north of Perth. This delightful fishing town is renowned for its rich and diverse wildflower displays during spring and the spectacular gorge and coastal scenery created by the Murchison River as it cuts its way through Kalbarri National Park, home of the spectacular Natures Window, to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

Kalbarri History

Even up until the early 1940s, only a few cray fishermen lived in the area that was not even known as Kalbarri.

Kalbarri did not become an actual town until 1951, after the nearby Geraldine lead mine helped the town grow. Today, the small, picturesque township sits on the estuary of the Murchison River. It experiences a year-round sunny climate with no real winter.

Kalbarri Wildflowers

During spring, August to October, more than 500 species of wildflowers bloom within and around Kalbarri. Wildflower enthusiasts from around the world are speechless at the sights along the 50km of roads that are surrounded by dazzling displays on either side as far as the eye can see into the Kalbarri National Park.

Feather flowers, daisies, mulla mulla, orchids and other flowers blanket the undulating, sandy plains of Kalbarri National Park. Hundreds of species of bird come to feed on the insects that are attracted by the flowers and in turn, other wildlife come to feed and breed under the shade of taller trees such as banksias, grevilleas, mulga and melaleucas.