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Greenough Australia
Greenough WA
Greenough North West Western Australia

Greenough Australia

Greenough Township pronounced Grennuff is 400 km north of Perth and some 20km south of Geraldton. Historic Greenough Township is a National Trust Hamlet, set on the Greenough coastal plain of rich fertile pasture backed by low limestone hills. Greenough is one of Western Australias most prosperous sheep and wheat districts.

Greenough History

In 1839, George Grey explored and named the Greenough River. Later, theGreenough hamlet was built in the early 1850s to serve the wheat-growing district that had been recently established on the rich black soil of the surrounding flats. It is interesting to note the names of some of the early settlers in this agricultural settlement, and to see that their descendants are still involved in the family tradition of growing things in our beautiful state: the Waldock name is carried on as nurserymen in Perth!Greenough Hamlet comprises a collection of stone buildings, erected in the second half of the 19th century, which have been restored by National Trust.

Greenough Attractions

The 1860s convict-built McCartney Road Bridge across the Greenough River.Ellendale Pool is where the river has formed a natural permanent pool at the base of the sheer cliff. The Greenough Pioneer museum, housed in a 120-year-old farmhouse is well worth a visit. The high ground of the farmhouse was the only place along the Greenough Flats standing above the waters of the horrendous flood that swamped the area in 1888. Those who could row to the high ground lived but many of the early settlers lost their lives or their livelihoods. Some say the farmhouse is haunted by some of the lost souls. The Greenough Walkaway Heritage Trail and the Flour Mill which was built by the pioneering Clinch family in 1858 is opposite Cliff Grange, a beautifully restored nine room National trust property. Lunch at the Hampton Arms formerly a wayside inn is delightful. See the famous Greenough Leaning Trees Eucalyptus camaldulensis named for the way they bow to the strong salt winds off the ocean.The Greenough gaol and the sweet Greenough Church, both in the hamlet, tell tales of two different lifestyles in the harsh pioneering days.