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Gorges Gibb River Road Australia
Gibb River Road WA
Gibb River Road Kimberley Western Australia
Gorges Gibb River Road Western Australia
Gorges Gibb River Road Western Australia

Gorges Gibb River Road Western Australia Australia

The Gibb River Road is some 647 km long, from the junction of the Derby highway in the Western Kimberley to the junction of the Wyndham road in the east Kimberley. The Gibb River Road is an outback track accessible only in the Kimberley dry season, usually from late May to November. The Gibb River Road is graded during the season, but even then is only suited to large 4WDs with high clearance. From December to May Kimberley summertime is a season of dramatic weather, with cyclones possible and good rainfalls and fantastic light shows likely, as thunder and lightening light up the heavens in between perfect summer days. When 'the wet' comes to the Kimberley, torrential rains make rivers run in mighty torrents; dry riverbeds become wide and deep and fast flowing streams that carry away every thing in their path. As the torrents flood the high country, they fall in stupendous cataracts and waterfalls into deep gorges. The rivers usually run well into July.The Kimberley gorges are mostly situated in the West Kimberley and are reasonably accessible from the Gibb River Road. Out of Derby, the closest gorges to see are Windjana Gorge with the Fitzroy River, and Tunnel Creek, both off the track, which intersects the Gibb River Road to the North West Highway and Fitzroy Crossing. Bell Gorge is some 8 km off the Gibb River Road. Bell Gorge is 5km long and has a waterfall just north of its entranceAdcock Gorge is located some 267km along the Gibb River Road. Adcock Gorge is a further 5 km off the Gibb River Road and usually has a good swimming hole.Horseshoe-shaped Galvan's Gorge is less than 1km off the Gibb River Road, some 286km along the track from the Derby section in the West Kimberley.