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Geraldton Australia
Geraldton WA
Geraldton North West Western Australia

Geraldton Australia

Geraldton, 424km north of Perth, and is rightly known as the Sunshine City for its all year sunshine records.
Geraldton is the chief port and administration centre for the Mid-west region On Western Australia. Its beautiful beaches and fishing, year-round sunny climate and modern town make it a popular haven for both West Australians and tourists.

Geraldton has a wide range of outdoor activities and is an excellent base to explore the Houtman Abroholos Islands.

Geraldton History

Initially established as a base for mining, farming and then as a short-lived convict settlement, Geraldton became a busy port during the Murchison gold rush and then the centre for wheat farming in the surrounding wheat belt.

Geraldton was used by the United States as a base during World War II but today, Geraldton remains a busy hub for wheat storage and transportation. Its other key industries are tourism, fishing and sheep.

Geraldton Today

The town itself is very attractive; tidy streets and coastal areas with great facilities are designed to make full use of Geraldtons long summer days. Wildflowers grow in the grassy areas within the streets and parks and cover the surrounding hinterlands in profusion. Excellent day tours can be taken from Geraldton, and Geraldton is an excellent choice to add an extra night to an itinerary with any self drive package en route further north.

Abroholos Islands

Off the coast of Geraldton lies the Houtman Abroholos Island Group, the site of the first ever building constructed by Europeans in Australia.


The Dutch ship Batavia was wrecked on the treacherous reefs and the story of its survivors is one of mutiny, mass murder and courage. The survivors of the mutiny built a rude shelter of rocks gathered on the island and used that as shelter until they were rescued.

Many Dutch merchant ships were wrecked between 1629 and 1727 on the treacherous reefs.

Abrolhos Islands Fishing

The Abrolhos Islands are now a seasonal base for cray-fishermen who are part of the massive Western Australian crayfish rock lobster industry.

It is possible to visit the reefs to fish, swim, snorkel and dive in this diverse and colourful underwater environment or to simply fly over the islands in a light aircraft. A small aircraft flight over the Abrolhos Islands is exciting and educations; from the air, the colours of the waters around the Abrolhos Islands defy identification, with the closest named colour being verdigris the colour of aged copper church steeples.

Brolhos Co-0perative

The Brolhos Co-0perative in Geraldton offers superbly interesting and educational tours of their processing plant in Geraldton where millions of dollars worth of catch can be observed in holding tanks, ready to be sorted and exported around the world. What a feast.

Geraldton makes a great stopover for families traveling the west coast. There is plenty to see around Geraldton, including the vivid red-and-white-striped Point Moore Lighthouse built in 1878.

Geraldton Fishing

Sunset Beach, Drummond Cove are excellent fishing spots and the beaches are clean and warm. Geraldtons Mid-West Sunshine is held each spring but any time of year is a great time to visit this popular fishing town.

Geraldton Cathedral

The Geraldton Cathedral is a masterpiece of art deco architecture and internal viewing is a must.