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Gantheaume Point Travel & Tourism
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Gantheaume Point Broome Australia
Broome WA
Broome Kimberley Western Australia
Gantheaume Point Broome Western Australia
Gantheaume Point Broome Western Australia

Gantheaume Point Broome Western Australia Australia

Along to the south of the broad expanse of Cable Beach on the Indian Ocean side of the Broome peninsula is Gantheaume Point. Here, deep red, rugged rocks are in stark contrast to the impossibly blue Indian Ocean.

Large and interesting interpretive signage at Gantheaume Point enriches the enjoyment of the casual observer.

Broome Dinosaur Footprints

Dinosaur footprints, over 130 million years old are located at Gantheaume Point. Part of the reef, they are visible only at low tide but a plaster cast has been made of them and embedded into the rocks at the top of the cliff.

Keep to the boardwalk when walking over rocks, please take care, as this is a fragile area and very susceptible to damage caused by humans.

Anastasias Pool

Anastasias Pool is also nearby, a chiselled-out basin carved by the lighthouse keeper so his arthritic wife, Anastasia, could bathe in the waters each day.

To the left of Gantheaume Point is a wide stretch of fabulous fishing beach that is covered in season by absolutely millions of tiny sand balls that have been excavated by sand crabs.