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Francois Peron National Park Travel & Tourism
Francois Peron National Park Package Deals

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Francois Peron National Park Monkey Mia Australia
Monkey Mia WA
Monkey Mia North West Western Australia
Francois Peron National Park Monkey Mia Western Australia
Francois Peron National Park Monkey Mia Western Australia

Francois Peron National Park Monkey Mia Western Australia Australia

On the tip of The Peron Peninsula, the Fran??ois Peron National Park covers 52,500ha and was named after the French naturalist who visited the area in 1801 and 1803. He enjoyed the area and wrote detailed accounts of locals aboriginals and collected specimens of both flora and fauna. Adjacent to the Shark Bay Marine Park, this area protects many endangered and threatened species of wildlife.

Fran??ois Peron National Park

The Fran??ois Peron National Park was once a pastoral area and the old homestead by 4WD. Beyond the Peron Homestead is a large wilderness area. A wide variety of wildlife abounds in these warm, clear waters and fertile lands.

Rare turtles and dugongs, friendly bottlenose dolphins and Humpback whales swim with giant Manta Rays and wiggling, colourful sea snakes.

Cape Peron

The cliffs of Cape Peron are red and rugged, contrasting to the snow-white beaches and brilliant azure and aqua blues of the Indian Ocean waters. Further inland, birridas can be found. The birridas of the Shark Bay region are clay or evaporative saltpans. There are more than a hundred on the east coast of the Peron Peninsula and are home to plants, birds, crustaceans and fish. Some birridas are connected to the sea by channels, such as Big Lagoon in Fran??ois Peron National Park. Shallow bays are created that provide valuable fish breeding and nursery areas.

Project Eden

Project Eden is a conservation project that aims to re-establish endangered species on the Peron Peninsula by keeping out feral predators. A 3.4km fence was built across a narrow section of the peninsula and out into the waters, to keep the unwanted feral, predominantly foxes, cats, goats and rabbits.

Ten species of mammals, 98 species of reptiles, and more than 100 species of birds live along the shores and in the coastal deserts. Today, foxes have all but been eradicated and over three-quarters of feral cats have been removed. Project Eden fights to give natural species such as the red-tailed phascogale, rufous hare-wallaby, banded hare-wallaby, western barred bandicoot and chuditch, Woylies, bilbies and mallee fowl a chance to live and breed safely in their natural habitat. Project Eden is on target to strengthening the Shark Bay World Heritage Area as one of the wildlife wonders of our world.