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Eucla Australia
Eucla WA
Eucla South West Western Australia

Eucla Australia

Eucla is situated some 1453 km east of Perth and is only some 13 km west of Western Australian border with South Australia and is the first roadhouse encountered by the westbound traveller. The Border Village is the quarantine important safeguard and checkpoint for Western Australia.

Eucla Attractions

The Bunda Cliffs Lookout on the outskirts of Eucla give breathtaking views; rising sheer and straight for up to ninety metres, the cliffs meet the ocean for some approximately 200 kms. The new settlement of Eucla stands atop an escarpment, overlooking the Roe plains. Old Eucla is some 5 kms away where the shifting white sands have all but engulfed the old 19th century buildings. The first rabbit in Western Australia were released in 1894 at Eucla. The damage caused to Western Australia by overgrazing of this vermin has led to the destabilisation of the dunes at Eucla and to grazing at cattle stations and sheep runs. Eucla Telegraph Station, linking Perth with other Australian capital cities, was built in 1870s. The stone repeater station at Eucla, the midway point where the lines from east and west met, was built 1877 and ultimately abandoned in 1929 with the old transcontinental railway the empty buildings being buried as the massive coastal sand hills creep inland. See also the Eucla Museum, the Eucla National Parl that extends between Eucla and the Border. The Eucla Bureau of Meteorology also welcomes visitors.