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Cue Australia

Known as the Queen of the Murchison, Cue is located 640km or about 6 hours drive from Perth.

Cue Gold History

Once the centre of the Murchison Goldfields, it has reinvented itself as centre for tourism, history, culture and the arts. Its beautiful grandiose buildings from early gold-mining days have ensured that the National Trust classifies Cues main street.

Cue grew up as a boomtown when gold was discovered during the early 1890s.

An aboriginal known as Governor found a 10oz nugget nearby and soon hundreds, then thousands of miners flocked to Cue seeking their fortunes. The Murchison River running through the area allowed the town to be rapidly developed. At its peak, there were 13 hotels operating in Cue. Today, the shire owns and maintains a range of buildings, ensuring they are conserved and continue to be used and enjoyed by the community.

The Bandstand Rotunda, an octagonal bandstand built in 1904, is dedicated to the early settlers of the Murchison area. It was a popular meeting and drinking place and the site where bands played of a Saturday evening. The Murchison Chambers further up the main street is a large stone building that was used by Cues professional and distinguished men as a Gentlemans Club. Around town are Aboriginal rock art sites, the most popular being Walganna Rock, and 48km north of Cue. Here, you can see an unusual example a white sailing ship an amazing 300km from the coast of Western Australia.

Since the closure of its major mining venture in the shire in 2003, Cue has an abundance of historical mines and mining buildings to explore. In the Murchison area, ghost mining towns of Austin, Cuddingwarra, Reedy and Tuckanarra will give you an insight into the rapid pace of decline experienced when gold mining subsides. There are still dozens of mines scattered along the road from Mount Magnet to Cue. Station stay, on a working sheep station, is the exciting outback accommodation option when taking a fully documented self drive package holiday in the region.

Cue is a popular first day stopover destination for travellers leaving Perth on the Great Northern Highway.