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Charnley River Station Travel & Tourism
Charnley River Station Package Deals

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Charnley River Station Gibb River Road Australia
Gibb River Road WA
Gibb River Road Kimberley Western Australia
Charnley River Station Gibb River Road Western Australia

Charnley River Station Gibb River Road Western Australia Australia

Situated 43 km off the Gibb River Road, 287 km from Derby and 439 km from Kununurra, the former Beverley Springs Station is now known as Charnley River Station.

Charnley River Station - History

Charnley River Station sits alongside the 148km long East Kimberley River, which was named Charnley explorer Frank Hann misspelled it when he named the river in 1898 after Walter Cecil Chearnley, a pioneer miner and pastoralist. Charnley River Station is the gateway to the Walcot Inlet, where the Charnley River ends.

Charnley River Station - Today

Today Charnley River Station is a 750,000-acre Kimberley Cattle Station, owned and run in Australia's North West by Cheryl and Peter Camp. 3,000 cattle are regularly mustered and driven for fattening up on distant plains. As with all remote stations, mustering, animal care, distance education tutoring, gardening, cooking & handyman jobs are all part of life experienced on the station.

Charnley River Station - Activities

Charnley River Station Homestead is an oasis in the rugged Kimberley landscape. The Station is located in lush tropical scenery with a plethora of fresh water gorges, creeks and waterfalls and a diverse range of Kimberley flora and fauna With stunning Dillie Gorge, other gorges and waterholes for fishing, swimming; where birdlife is prolific and other wildlife is abundant the magnificent scenery and tranquil surroundings are there to explore.