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Broome Australia
Broome WA
Broome Kimberley Western Australia

Broome Australia

The balmy air of historic Broome, is filled with the scent of frangipani. Vibrant colours of bougainvillea amid the unique Broome style buildings that nestle amongst the Coconut palms. The special blend of colonial Australian and Asia cultures has, through many generations, created a style and ambience that is particular to Broome. A romantic vision come true. Here, nothing is more important than the present, you can but slip into 'Broome Time'.
Sitting on the western edge of the massive Kimberley region, Broome is the largest town in the Kimberley in Australias North West.

Broome is the outback oasis where the azure waters of the Indian Ocean laps salt white beaches and where ancient pindan cliffs dramatically change colour in the setting sun, going from pink to start red before your eyes. Broome is Cable Beach and ancient dinosaurs footprints. Broome is resort-style accommodation; fragrant frangipani and lazy palm trees. Broome is a fusion of Australian and Asian architecture and people.

Broome is the brilliant natural light that draws artists to its beauty; a place of galleries and cafes and breweries and festivals; Broome is gardens overflowing with vibrant colours, that are set against the backdrop of Roebuck Bay, with its even more vibrant blue waters. Broome is the Pearling Capital of the world and Broome is only one small part of what makes Australias North West one of the best destinations in the world.

Broome is the western gateway for anyone wanting a relaxing holiday or a base to explore the pristine Kimberley coast and remote attractions of this last frontier that is the Australian Outback.

Kimberley Outback

The vast Australian outback begins immediately outside of Broome and the Kimberley stretching, some three days drive to Kununurra in the east Kimberley. Broome is situated on a peninsula with the tidal mangrove waters of Roebuck Bay one side and with the Indian Ocean washing the spectacular Cable Beach the other side of the peninsula.

Broome Location

Broome is 2389km north of Perth. Broome is five days straight drive or about three and a half hours flying from Perth. The white sandy beaches, rich red-orange pindan earth, smoky turquoise waters of the mangrove swamps and vivid blues and azures of the ocean are a surreal sight, especially after the harsh and dramatic colours of desert.

Anywhere in Broome is a ten-minute taxi ride away. Cable Beach on the Indian Ocean is about six kilometres from the township of Broome and Roebuck Bay.

Lord Alistair McAlpine

Lord Alistair McAlpine, a member of the British aristocracy is largely responsible for the Broome of today. Lord Mac fell in love with Australia, and invested very heavily in Broome during the 1980s. He developed a great deal of the town, building Cable Beach Club in the fashion of the historic Broome buildings which were still existing at the Roebuck Bay Hotel at that time, thus ensuring the continuation of the influence of the many cultures of Broome.

Broome Today

Broome is heavily influenced by the Asian architecture of the many Chinese and Japanese nationals that flocked to Broome to seek their fortune in the early days of the pearling industry. Lord Macs own residence is now a superbly stylish and understated adult retreat.

Broome town itself is the busiest part of the peninsula; a few wide streets lined with specialty shops, restaurants, pubs and food stores. Broome markets are held on Saturday mornings in the tropical gardens of the Court House. Fresh tropical fruits and vegetables sit alongside colourful stalls of unique souvenirs and products made by locals using materials unique to the Broome area. Palms stand tall as the laid-back locals go about their business and holidaymakers slip into Broome Time.

Cable Beach is just a few minutes drive out of the Broome township. Cable Beach Esplanade is served by a restaurant and cafe, set on a green grassy area lined with palms.

Historic buildings in Broome include Cable House now the Court House, the office used to operate the telegraph cable that links Broome with Java. The Sun Picture Theatre in Broome Township is the worlds oldest operational open-air theatre and unusual way to spend a warm Broome evening. As is a slow camel ride along Cable Beach.

Broomes main industries today are tourism, fishing, cultured pearls and cattle.

Broome Climate

High season in Broome is late May to early September when the Western Australian winter weather in the Kimberley is sunny days and the temperature is a balmy 30C. Broome is increasingly popular destination and the shoulder seasons between high and low seasons are gradually lengthening. Powerful and exciting storms roll over Broome during the wet season, late September to early May. Cyclones can occur at this time, heavy rains close many of the roads and intense tropical weather sets in. Broomes extremely low tides between March and October create a natural phenomenon known as the Staircase to the Moon and people arrive annually to experience the festivals during March and April.