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Bridgetown Australia
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Bridgetown South West Western Australia

Bridgetown Australia

Pretty Bridgetown is set alongside the gentle Blackwood River, with rolling hills and fruit, dairy and sheep country. The Blackwood River is well stocked with trout. A thriving historic country town, with a growing population of some 2000 plus souls, Bridgetown is 268 km south of Perth and 94 km south east of Bunbury. Bridgetown is the only town given the status of Historic Town by the National Trust of Australia.

Bridgetown History

The original name local aboriginal people had for the area of Bridgetown was Geejelup. Bridgetown became gazetted in 1868 and it was named in honour of the ship, Bridgetown. That year, the barque Bridgetown had carried the cargo of Bridgetowns first shipment of wool from the port at Bunbury. Many bridges have been built across the Blackwood River at Bridgetown, including one of the last large wooden bridges to be built in Western Australia. The 1981 built Bridgetown Bridge is a colossal jarrah structure stretching 127.5 metres.

Bridgetown Attractions

Bridgedale is an historic house built by John Blecynden, one of the first European settlers to the area. The house was constructed in 1862 of local timber and bricks made from the clay of the riverbank. Discover the history of Bridgetowns apple industry at The Cidery. The orchard contains over 80 varieties of Apple. Some 18 km away Green Bushes Historical Park has displays of the tin-mining industry, which was once a vital local industry. The Brierley Jigsaw Gallery is situated in Bridgetown. The only public jigsaw gallery in the Southern Hemisphere, Brierley Jigsaw Gallery in Bridgetown has over 170 jigsaws from around the world on display. They range from the worlds smallest wooden puzzle up to a huge 9000-piece jigsaw. A highlight is an 8000-piece jigsaw of the Sistine Chapel. An excellent coffee rest is the Memorial Park picnic area alongside the river, or enjoy views; Stunnons Lookout off Phillips St and Hester Hill, 5km