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Flinders Island Tourism & Travel

Flinders Island Australia
Flinders Island TAS
Flinders Island Tasmania
Flinders Island
Flinders Island

Flinders Island Australia

Situated in the Bass Strait, between Tasmania and mainland Australia, Flinders Island is the largest island in the Furneaux Group. Magnificent granite peaks and cliffs to lush green farmland and beautiful coastline contribute to Flinders Islands awe-inspiring landscape. The historically significant island contains prolific bird life and wildlife, beautiful beaches and lagoons, fascinating historic sites and glorious views found within Strzelecki National Park. With a population of 897 souls, Flinders Island is situated in the Municipality of Flinders Island.

Flinders Island Attractions

Rated as one of most significant historic sites in Tasmania, the infamous Wybalenna Historic Site was originally established as a settlement to care for Indigenous people but sadly, most succumbed to disease and were left to die. Close by, the Furneaux Museum at Emita housed the first government school on the island and now showcases fascinating Indigenous artefacts and relics.

Mt Tanner offers stunning views over the northern end of the island, including the spectacular Mt Killiecrankie with beautifull granite cliffs coloured by the commonly named, Killiecrankie diamonds.

Birdwatching enthusiasts flock to the Patriarchs Wildlife Sanctuary and the Logan Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary, both offering a wide range of intriguing species.

Flinders Island Beaches

Trousers Point, located in Strzelecki National Park, offers stunning rock formations and beaches. Excellent fishing and scuba diving around shipwrecks, magnificent views of the Strzelecki peaks, and beautiful sunsets are all to be experienced at this popular location.

Fossicking for Killiecrankie diamonds on Killiecrankie Bay and beachcombing for rare shells along the western beaches are popular pastimes on Flinders Island. Excellent rock, beach and river fishing is also found in various localities.

Other beautifully scenic beaches found across Flinders Island include Emita Beach, Palana Beach and Lillies Beach.

Flinders Island Events

The annual Three Peaks Race, a sailing and hiking challenge begins at Beauty Point, travels to Flinders Island, and concludes at the Tasmanian capital city, Hobart. Other popular Flinders Island events include the Bass Strait Golf Classic and the Flinders Island Show.

National Park Strzelecki

Excellent walking trails are found within the Strzelecki National Park, comprised of magnificent coloured granite peaks, beautiful wetlands, heathland and lagoons. The Strzelecki Range contains Flinders Islands highest granite peak, Mt Strzelecki boasting stunning views over Franklin Sound.

Flinders Island - Airport

A small regional airline runs a daily service to the Flinders Island Airport from Launceston.

Flinders Island History

First discovered by Europeans in 1773, the history of Flinders Island is dark indeed. Set up as a base point for early sealers, the community indulged in piracy. Subsequently many Indigenous Tasmanian persons, who were transported to the island under the iniquitous colonial ruling, were murdered or allowed to die on the island. Of the 135 Indigenous persons who had managed to survive the colonial martial law, which had been set up against the whole Indigenous race of original owners of Country; only 47 souls lived to be returned to the mainland.

Flinders Island Today

Today, Flinders Islands economy is based on fishing, farming, and tourism.