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Bushy Park Tourism & Travel

Bushy Park Australia
Bushy Park TAS
Bushy Park Tasmania

Bushy Park Australia

Situated in the South East region of Tasmania, Bushy Park is some 54kms northwest of Hobart and 196kms south of Launceston. The historic, rural town of Bushy Park has delightful old barns and expansive hop fields. This truly unique little village comprised of historic buildings and enchanting old houses provides an insight into how 19th century farms were built. Bushy Park is also the perfect base to explore the beautiful scenic delights of Mt Field National Park. In the municipality of the Derwent Valley Council, Bushy Park has a mere 260 souls.

Bushy Park Attractions

The famous Text Kiln, constructed in 1867 by Ebenezer Shoobridge is located near the Bushy Park Post Office. On the walls or the kiln is an intriguing series of biblical quotations thought to have inspired Shoobridges workers. Also in close proximity to the post office, the 1869 Hawthorn Lodge is the original home of Ebenezers son, Robert Shoobridge.

Bushy Park - Near by

The quaint historic towns of New Norfolk to the south and Hamilton to the north are a short drive away from Bushy Park. For fishing enthusiasts, the Bothwell Township, some 48kms north of Bushy Park boasts great trout fishing in nearby lakes including Great Lake, Lake Crescent, Lake Sorell, and Arthurs Lake.

National Park Mt Field

Spectacular mountainous scenery and abundant wildlife is found within Mt Field National Park, just a 15-minute drive west of Bushy Park. One of Australias oldest reserves contains the popular skiing destination of Mount Mawson and the magnificently beautiful Russell Falls. Interestingly, the last Tasmanian Tiger was captured within the National Park during the 1930s.

Bushy Park History

Originally named Humphreyville, Bushy Park was settled in 1812. William Shoobridge began growing hops in Van Diemens Land in 1822 and was credited with being the first person to grow hops in Tasmania. But it was his son, Ebenezer Shoobridge that managed to make Bushy Park the largest producer of hops in the Southern Hemisphere.

Bushy Park Today

Despite the majority of Tasmania ceasing its hop growing efforts, Bushy Park is still renowned as the hop growing capital of Tasmania.