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DISCOVER AUSTRALIA HOLIDAYS operates the National Australia Inbound Programme.

It is the sister company to DISCOVER WEST HOLIDAYS, which operates the State Wholesale Programme for Western Australia

Both companies are part of the same group, amongst the largest of inbound/wholesale organisations in Australia.

The group is expecting to handle in the order of 100,000 passengers this coming year.

The list of wholesalers around the world that make inbound bookings with the group reads like a "whos who" of key players in each market.

Every holiday is "hand made" in order to enable sophisticated travellers to break free from the ordinary travel experience.

The on-going training and development of staff is a key to the group’s phenomenal success.

New reservations staff must undergo a DISCOVER AUSTRALIA HOLIDAYS Traineeship before they become Australian Specialist Consultants.

A company culture is maintained that fosters excellence within each work team, and which delivers world-class business practices and professionalism.

In handling such a large number of inbound/wholesale holiday bookings, it is vital that the group’s core Computer Reservations system is efficient and accurate.

The group developed it's own cutting-edge-technology CRS in order to handle the peculiarities of each individual booking.

The group is now confident that no other inbound/wholesaler would be more efficient and accurate.


Accommodation Providers - Tour Operators - Vehicle Hire Companies

In order to participate in the DISCOVER AUSTRALIA HOLIDAYS Inbound Programme please submit your Nett Inbound Rates and product details to the Product Marketing Department for consideration.

Product Marketing Department :


Attractions - Shops - Restaurants

Please provide details of your services to the Product Marketing Department for possible inclusion in future programmes.Product Marketing Department :

Thank you for your interest in DISCOVER AUSTRALIA HOLIDAYS - The Australian Specialist.


are part of the Kalhaven Holdings Group.

DISCOVER WEST HOLIDAYS – The West Australian Specialist Wholesaler - provides more business to
Western Australian tourism operators (hotels, coach operators etc.) than any other organisation, and represents more than
500 individual tourism operators located throughout the State.




DISCOVER AUSTRALIA HOLIDAYS is a fully accredited Inbound Tour Operator
member of the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC).


DISCOVER AUSTRALIA HOLIDAYS is licensed by the Government,
and is a full member of the Travel Compensation Fund - giving
confidence and piece of mind to the travelling consumers.


For more information, please contact DISCOVER AUSTRALIA HOLIDAYS directly.



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 DISCOVER AUSTRALIA HOLIDAYS - The Australian Specialist.

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