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Naracoorte Tourism & Travel

Naracoorte Australia
Naracoorte SA
Naracoorte Limestone Coast South Australia

Naracoorte Australia

Naracoorte with a population over 5 000 is situated approximately 360 kilometres south east of Adelaide and is well known for its limestone caves.

Naracoorte History

Prior to European settlement it is believed the Meintangk Aborigines lived in the district. They were unimpressed with the arrival of Europeans and continued to fight for their land well into the 1860s and 1870s.

It was as the result of a stock raid by Aborigines, and a party of Europeans searching for the lost stock, that the Naracoorte Caves were first discovered.

Naracoorte Caves Conservation Park

The Naracoorte Caves Conservation Park is located 12 kilometres, 7.5 miles, south of the Narcoorte township.

World Heritage listed, Victoria Cave, contains some remarkable fossils such as a giant boa-like snake, marsupial lions, hippo-sized wombats and gigantic kangaroos.

Alexandra Cave has five chambers with delicate stalagmites, stalactites, straws and flowstone.

Blanche Cave is not as intricate as Alexandra with immense columns and windows caused by a partial roof collapse. The local landlord during the 1850s used to use this cave for lavish parties and some of the furniture remains inside.

Wet Cave is named after the very wet chamber at its deepest part and this cave can be explored on your own.

From November to February thousands of bent wing bats come to breed in Maternity Cave. The bats can be viewed by watching the telecast of the infrared cameras that are filming the inside of the cave. Or see the bats leave the cave at dusk en masse to feed.

Adventure caving is also available in several other Naracoorte caves.