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Warwick Australia
Warwick QLD
Warwick Toowoomba Queensland

Warwick Australia

Situated in high country some 480 m above sea level, Warwick is 170 km southwest of Brisbane and is a major commercial centre of Queensland's Darling Downs with a population of some 13,000 souls.

Warwick - Aboriginal History

The traditional owners of the country around Warwick are the Aboriginal Keinjan language group. Aboriginal people knew the area of Warwick as 'Gooragooby'. Today a strong, dynamic Aboriginal community exists in the Warwick district, with seven different language groups making up the Indigenous population of Warwick. A 15-ton boulder of granite carved into the shape of Tiddalik the Frog is a reminder in Warwick of the Indigenous history of the area.

Warwick - History

Early European exploration of the area of Warwick was made in the early 19th century but the fertile plains of the Darling Downs, which were still part of NSW, were not made available to pastoralists or squatters until the 1840's. The Canning Run was the first settlement in the Warwick area in 1840 when Pat and George Leslie settled and later built a home in 1846, followed by a smithy, a store, accommodation and eating facilities. The town of Warwick was surveyed on land in the Canning Run in 1849 and become a municipality as Jackie Howe, was born on Canning Downs on 26 July 1861. Howe became Australia's famous shearer and is remembered by a statue in the main street of Blackall. By 1874 Warwick boasted a brewery, a school, a rail link, a cooperative flourmill and a brick works. An incident at Warwick was responsible for the establishment of the Australian Commonwealth Police Force: In 1917 a Warwick policemen absolutely refused to arrest the local culprit who hit Prime Minister Billy Hughes with a well aimed egg because 'no Queensland Law had been broken'. Warwick became a city in 1936.

Warwick - Today

Today Warwick is an attractive city set alongside the willow-shaded Condamine River. Warwick is the headquarters of the Australian Rough Riders Association and is the self declared 'Rose and Rodeo City', with the Warwick Rodeo and the Warwick Rose Festival being held each October.

Warwick - Attractions

Warwick has many interesting historic buildings: The 1891 Post Office was built from locally quarried sandstone and is a huge two storey building with Saracen arches on the first floor, a large cupola and Tuscan columns on the ground floor; the 1888 Town Hall was also constructed from local sandstone. See the 1864-built St Mary's Church; the 1917 Criterion Hotel which retains much of its early charm; as do the 1885 Old Court House, the 1890 Police Station, the 1862 Warwick East State School and St Mark's Church. The 1869 Pringle Cottage complex also includes an old General Store and a shepherd's hut. The Jubilee Gardens is famous for the Warwick rose displays and the Lookout is a viewing platform for regional views.

Warwick - Nearby

Places of interest close to Warwick are: the Leslie Dam; the Main Range National Park, 61km away; The Heritage drive is a 80km cultural drive through the region.