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Roma Australia
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Roma Australia

Situated in the western region of the Darling Downs, Roma is located in high country, some 479 km west of Brisbane and 300 m above sea level.

Roma - History

Roma was named after Roma, wife of the first Governor Queensland, George Bowen in 1867. In 1863 Samuel Symons Bassett brought Queensland's vine cuttings to Roma and established the Romaville Winery and a century later, Roma was the site of Australia's first oil and gas discoveries.

Roma - Today

Today Roma is home to the largest inland cattle market in Australia, with sales on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Hero's Avenue in Roma is lined with 100 huge boab trees bottle trees, each tree is a memorial to the local lad who died in the First World War, giving life to the ANZAC legend.

Roma - Attractions

See The Big Rig a unique complex set on an old oil derrick and features historic oil rigs and machinery displays; or visit Roma-Bungil cultural Centre: a 3D mural by local artists depicting Roma's history and the Meadowbank Museum houses an historic vehicle and machinery collection. Nearby is the Carnarvon National Park, featuring the spectacular scenery of Carnarvon Gorge where the Carnarvon Creek winds through the steep-sided Carnarvon Gorge, with tropical palms and fernery. Surat is a close by large town, featuring the Cobb & Co Changing Station Complex and museum.

Roma Winery

When Sam Bassett sold his first wine in 1866 he began a tradition that has continued unbroken for over 140 years. Within 40 years, Sam was selling Burgundy, Claret, Chablis, Hock, Riesling, Sauternes and Champagne; he also sold fortified wines; Port, Muscat, Sherry and Madeira being offered. The early Roma vintner also sold grapes packed in sawdust for safe transit. Today at Romavilla Winery fortified wines continue to be sold; Sherries, Muscats and Ports, as well as Merlot, Shiraz, Riesling, Semillon, Chardonnay and other styles of wine.