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Kuranda Tourism & Travel

Kuranda Australia
Kuranda QLD
Kuranda Tropical Far North Queensland

Kuranda Australia

Kuranda, population around 650, is the local Aboriginal word for village in the rainforest, an apt name for this quaint forest village, which sits at the top of the Macalister Range, 27 kilometres, 16.9 miles by road from Cairns.
The Kuranda Scenic Railway takes over half a million people to the village every year. For one and a half incredible hours, you will travel on board historical carriages through lush rainforest, passing deep gorges, rugged mountains and spectacular waterfalls.

This same view was captured 100 years ago by teams of railway men armed only with picks and shovels.

Today, that 34 kilometre, 21.2 track still winds its way through 15 hand made tunnels up to Kuranda Station - a railway station that looks more like a beautiful botanical garden.

Kuranda Skyrail Cableway

The Skyrail Rainforest Cableway brings you just metres above the World Heritage, United Nations listed Barron Falls National Park. Rise over the foothills of the coastal range to reveal spectacular views of Cairns and the Coral Sea.

The Cableway includes four forest stations from Caravonica to Kuranda. At the stations experience the forest from boardwalks surrounded by trees, lush palms, ferns, epiphytes and an amazing diversity of plants, animals and birdlife.

Kuranda Township

Discover the village of Kurandas appeal - shady trees shelter the tranquil main street, the old timber church and houses, pubs, shops and galleries are delightful.

There are plenty of places for leisurely dining or a quick snack with Kuranda offering exotic fruits, European influenced cuisine and wholesome foods of the region or chilled ale at a traditional Queensland pub.

Kuranda Markets

Kuranda is famous for having the biggest and most frequent art and craft markets in Tropical North Queensland - wander through the beautiful rainforest setting and watch artists at work.

Four times a week these country markets delight visitors who pick their way through 90 stalls that provide an innovative range of handmade local crafts plus Australian opals, gemstones, crocodile and kangaroo leather goods.

A second covered market operates seven days a week and features a cultural theatre with free entertainment by buskers.

Witness the Mayi-Wunba Aboriginal dancers as they dance dreamtime stories.

Kuranda Interpertation Centre

A Rainforest Interpretation Centre, featuring interactive displays and video presentations, was developed in conjunction with CSIRO, Australias national science organisation and a world leader in tropical rainforest research.

Kuranda Attractions

A walk through aviary is a quiet retreat - where native birds share food, trees and often perch on visitors hats.

Kuranda also boasts Australias largest butterfly enclosure which is home to exotic species such as the brilliant blue ulysses and the red lace wings butterflies that flash their presence as smaller and camouflaged species feed on the tropical flowers and tress of their expansive sanctuary. The all weather flight aviary is home to some 2000 tropical butterflies.

There is also a jungle tour on board an amphibious army duck.

Views of the Barron Falls as they cascade through Barron Gorge from lookouts are memories you will keep forever. Barron Falls is especially spectacular during the wet season.