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Gympie Australia
Gympie QLD
Gympie Sunshine Coast Queensland

Gympie Australia

Situated on the banks of the Mary River, Gympie is some 165 kilometres north of Brisbane and some 40 minutes north west of Noosa.

Gympie - Aboriginal History

The traditional Aboriginal owners of the lands of eastern Queensland called the area surrounding Gympie 'Gimpi-gimpi', after the stinging tree found there. The Gimpi-gimpi tree has large round leaves that sting like nettles when accidentally touched, hence the Aboriginal name of 'devil tree'.

Gympie - Golden History

Grazers first settled the Gympie area in the 1840s and when Queensland became a colony in its own right in 1859 it separated from NSW and by1867 the fledgling Queensland was near bankruptcy and in crisis: Banks failed causing masive unemployment for the migrant families and civil disturbances and general chaos ensued. The change came to Queensland's fortunes when a young migrant, discovered alluvial gold near the site of the current Gympie Town Hall. On October 17, James Nash reported his find to the mining warden and started Queensland's first huge gold rush; men from Maryborough, Brisbane, Ipswich and other settlements flocked in their thousands to the Gympie area chasing 'the colour' and their fortunes. Within a year, George Curtis found Queensland's largest ever gold nugget, the 975-ounce Curtis Nugget at Gympie and by April1868 more than 15,000 men were mining the Gympie alluvial gold mines. Great fortunes were made with finds of up to an ounce per dish panned and nuggets unearthed. The township that grew up was called Nashville and later changed to Gympie. The rich fertile Mary River Valley proved ideal to feed the gold miners and farming was developed as a secondary industry.

Gympie - Today

Friendly country comfort has overtaken the gold rush and life is lived at an easy pace along the banks of the Mary River where Queensland's first gold rush saved the state from near bankruptcy. Today, Gympie is a major heritage town on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland of some 16,000 souls, gold mining, tourism, agricultural and timber industries continue to dominate the economy of the district.

Gympie - Golden Attractions

For ten days every October, Gympie holds a Gold Rush Festival; throughout the year visitors can delve into the gold mining history of the area at the Gympie Gold Mining Museum; Deep Creek at Gympie is a renowned gold-fossicking area. The Mary Valley Heritage Railway the 'Valley Rattler' is a restored 1923 steam train that takes visitors on a 40km journey through the picturesque Mary Valley. The Heritage Walk is a self-guide walk in Gympie; see the Stock Exchange and Town Hall.

Gympie - Nearby Attractions

Nearby some120 native species are protected in the Amamoor State Forest; the Mothar Mountain has rock pools and forests for bush walking and excellent views; Close by is Imbi, a picturesque town with excellent valley view and the Mary Valley Scenic Way offers a scenic route through towns of the Mary River Valley.