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Cape York Peninsula Tourism & Travel

Cape York Peninsula Australia
Cape York Peninsula QLD
Cape York Peninsula Tropical Far North Queensland
Cape York Peninsula
Cape York Peninsula

Cape York Peninsula Australia

Cape York Peninsula is one of the last untouched wildernesses in the world, covering 200 000 sq km, 77 220 sq miles - a triangular area north from Cairns, roughly the size of Great Britain.

Cape York Peninsula History

Cape York Peninsula, one of the worlds last accessible wilderness areas, was the first part of Australia to be mentioned in written colonial history. After recorded visits in the 1600s by Dutch and Spanish explorers, in 1770 James Cook proclaimed British sovereignty using the doctrine of terra nullius by raising the flag on what was then named, Possession Island. Terra nullius, or land of no people, was thrown out by the High Court of Australia in 1992 in the famous Mabo decision.

Cape York Peninsula Today

Today, the Cape remains a land of few people and prolific wildlife.

People of Aboriginal and cattle station communities and small mining towns dotted among the enormous national parks live surrounded by rugged mountains, eucalypt, mangrove and rainforests, woodlands, heathlands, grasslands, swamps and mighty rivers.

During the wet virtually all road transport stops and the only movement is by air.

Cape Yorks Aboriginal Communities

Laura and Coen on the eastern side of the Cape, Weipa on the western side and Bamaga at the northern tip are the largest of the small Cape York communities.

Laura has a biennial festival of Aboriginal dance and culture and offers year-round tours of ancestral paintings in natural rock galleries.

The main Aboriginal settlements are found on the Lockhart River, Portland Roads, Bamaga, the Edward River, Weipa South and Aurukun on the western coast.

Safari Tours

Depending on weather conditions, day, overnight or extended land safaris, air tours and cruises offer a choice of Cape York experiences including the east coast islands and reefs.

Adventurers can take advantage of the many guided safari and off-road expeditions that you can join using your own vehicle.

Experienced off-road drivers can experience true wilderness adventure - camp by billabongs or waterfalls, ford rivers, fish for barramundi and watch for crocodiles near the coast.