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Cape Tribulation Tourism & Travel

Cape Tribulation Australia
Cape Tribulation QLD
Cape Tribulation Tropical Far North Queensland
Cape Tribulation
Cape Tribulation

Cape Tribulation Australia

Cape Tribulation National Park covers a large coastal portion of the World Heritage listed Daintree National Park in Kuku-yalanji country. The lush green coastal strip of Cape Tribulation is a place of great beauty, and one of the few places where the rainforest meets the sea. Nowhere else are these two natural wonders side-by-side and so accessible to travellers.
Cape Tribulation is the most northern settlement of Queensland, and is remembered in Australian colonial history as the point where Captain James Cooks barque, The Endeavour, sustained grave damage on an offshore reef and spent 48 days on the Endeavour River for repairs.

Cape Tribulation Flora and Fauna

This pristine region is a wilderness dream of lush tropical rainforests, deserted white beaches, sleepy rivers and breathtaking natural beauty preserved for future generations.

Cape Tribulation is home to some of the oldest forests in the world and is a treasure trove of rare plant and animal species.

Under the forest canopy a menagerie of animal life includes many varieties of insects, birds, over seventy identified mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

The Daintree and Cape Tribulation region is home to over 3,000 plant species including trees, vines, palms, ferns, epiphytes, as well as the worlds largest and smallest tree ferns and cycads.

Plants and animal species unknown to western science are still being discovered.

Cape Tribulation Lowland

Between the Daintree and Bloomfield Rivers, the forest slopes of Cape Tribulation National Park plunge to the waters of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, where reefs grow almost to the seashore. The mystical lowland rainforest of Cape Tribulation is a rare survivor of 100 million years of climatic changes. Bushwalks are rewarded with stunning plant and animal life. Night spotting is the best technique to view nocturnal wildlife.

The Bloomfield Track

North from Cape Tribulation the rugged Bloomfield Track travels through Aboriginal lands of the community of Wujal Wujal to the Bloomfield River, another haven for crocs.

The Bloomfield Falls are magnificent especially during the summer months, after rains.