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Barcaldine Tourism & Travel

Barcaldine Australia
Barcaldine QLD
Barcaldine Outback Queensland

Barcaldine Australia

Situated 273 m above sea level, east of Longreach and some1080 km northwest Brisbane, Baracaldine is a sleepy town of some 1700 souls with country pubs and a wealth of Australian history.

Baracaldine - History

In 1863, Scotish settler, Donald Cameron drove sheep overland from the New England region, settled on a 64-km stretch of the Alice River and named the property Barcaldine Station for his homeland. In1886 Barcaldine was gazetted when it became the railway terminus from Rockhampton and the commercial centre for the area.In January 1891, shearers at Logan Downs Station, Clermont went on strike refusing to sign the pastoralists anti union 'contract of free labour'. A militant union strike base was set up at Baracaldine, where 30 neighbouring stations were affected by the strike. Shearers openly held strike meetings beneath an ancient ghost gum in Oak Street, near the Railway Station. 120 mounted infantrymen broke the strike when they took the union office and arrested the union leaders who were charged with sedition and gaoled for three years. The unions resorted to political weight and the Australian Labour party was conceived when 'Labour Electoral Leagues' were formed. Tommy Ryan of Barcaldine Shire became the first Labour representative elected to Parliament anywhere in the world when he was elected to the Queensland Parliament in 1892.

Baracaldine - Attractions

See the Australian Workers Heritage Centre; established as a tribute to the working men and women of Australia; the Tree of Knowledge; the huge ghost gum where the striking shearers met in 1891; visit Mad Mick's funny Farm or see 8 settlers' buildings including Cobb & Co office, and the Folk Museum, with a display of historical memorabilia. See the Masonic Lodge, a National Trust classified building, or take a mini steam-train ride; these depart the Folk Museum on last sun each month. Nearby enjoy the Bicentennial Park with a botanical walk through bushland.