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Litchfield Australia
Litchfield NT
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Litchfield Australia

Spectacular Litchfield National Park is only 140 kilometres, 87.5 miles, south of Darwin. Waterfalls cascade from the sandstone plateau of the Tabletop Range into cool, deep rock pools for year-round swimming. Monsoonal rainforests contrast with treeless black-soil plains where magnetic termite mounds dot the landscape. In this area known as the lost city, the mounds point north in an effort by the termites to control temperature by having only the mounds thinnest part exposed to the sun.

Litchfield Wildlife

Litchfield is particularly blessed with wildlife. The jabiru, or black-necked stork is among the waterbirds that inhabit the floodplains during the wet. Red-tailed black cockatoos and sulphur crested cockatoos are common sights. The colourful and noisy red-winged parrots, northern rosellas and rainbow lorikeets are attracted to the Tabletop during the wet.

Litchfield Flora

Lookouts and marked walking tracks have gorgeous waterfall views.

Creekside pockets of monsoon rainforest can be found along the base of the western escarpment.

Palms, ferns and looping vines grow beneath semi-deciduous trees that shed their broad leaves when water-stressed.

On Tabletop Plateau, open grasslands grow between eucalypt woodlands supporting an understorey of sand palms, cycads, banksias, wattles and grevilleas.