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Kakadu Australia
Kakadu NT
Kakadu Top End Northern Territory

Kakadu Australia

Kakadu National Parks World Heritage Status recognises the areas national and international significance for both its natural features and its cultural heritage. This unique reserve, located at the top of the Northern Territory, three hours drive east of Darwin covers an incredible space of 86,000 ha, 19,000 sq km and has been inhabited for more than 40,000 years.
The cave paintings, rock carvings and archaeological sites record the skills and way of life of the region's inhabitants.

Kakadu features tidal flats, floodplains, lowlands and plateaux, and provides a habitat for a wide range of plant and animal species.

There are roughly five districts in Kakadu, each with centralized facilities - South Alligator, East Alligator, Nourlangie, Jim Jim and Mary River.

Traditional Aboriginal Owners

The traditional Aboriginal owners have leased the land to Parks Australia under a joint management agreement for everyone to enjoy.

The name, Kakadu, comes from the Gagudju language group of Aboriginal people, who are among the traditional owners and current managers of the area.

The traditional owners are willing to share their knowledge and understanding of their land so that visitors will appreciate the importance of Kakadu and share responsibility for its protection.

Over thousands of years, Aboriginal people have left behind extraordinary art galleries, with rock art dating back 25,000 years. More than 1,000 sites have been recorded, which have provided an insight into the Gagudju culture.