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Ayers Rock Australia
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Ayers Rock
Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock Australia

Uluru - Ayers Rock, the worlds greatest monolith is 9 km in circumferance and rises an imposing 348 metres, 380.6 yards above a wide, sandy floodplain covered in spinifex and desert oak. The enormous size of the rock is astounding when you realise that it is estimated about two thirds exist below the ground. Depending on the position of the sun during the day, Uluru changes colour from shades of fiery red, delicate mauve, blue, pink and brown, and rainfall creates a silver veil over the entire rock.

Uluru Aboriginal Significance

Uluru and the surrounding area is an ancient sacred place for the Anangu people. Uluru holds a significant place in the Anangu, traditional owners, creation stories and law. Many of these stories relate to how the ancestral beings formed Uluru and all of its marks and crevices.

At the base of Uluru there are cave paintings and carvings made over many thousands of years by Anangu belonging to the Luritja, Yankuntjatjara and Pitjantjatjara language groups.

In 1985 the entire area was handed back to its indigenous owners and its sights reassumed their traditional names.

Walking Ulura

A 9 kilometre, 5.6 mile walking track circles the base of Uluru giving visitors the opportunity to see some Aboriginal rock art and also the Mutitjulu Waterhole.

There is a treacherous 1.6 kilometre, 1 mile climb to the top of Uluru however the route follows a sacred religious track. Anangu prefer visitors respect their site by choosing the trails around and near Uluru and not by climbing it.

The walk trails around Uluru reveal Anangu stories and law as you reach each significant site. Your behaviour will determine the depth of your experience at Uluru. The area around the Mala waterhole, for example, bequests silence in respect for the significance of the place. Take the time to fit in with the appropriate behaviours and you will be rewarded with a very soulful experience of Uluru.