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Woolloomooloo Travel & Tourism
Woolloomooloo Package Deals

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Woolloomooloo Sydney Australia
Sydney NSW
Sydney New South Wales
Woolloomooloo Sydney New South Wales
Woolloomooloo Sydney New South Wales

Woolloomooloo Sydney New South Wales Australia

Located in inner city Sydney, New South Wales, Woolloomooloo is situated some3 km east of the Sydney CBD, west of Potts Point and Elizabeth Bay and north of Hyde Park.

Woolloomooloo - History

Woolloomooloo developed around the shoreline; market gardens grew to feed Sydney and fresh fish were caught and sold on the sandy harbour shore of the Woolloomooloo Bay. In the first part of the 19th Century the Woolloomooloo area was the home of civic leaders, judges and rich merchants. It became a desirable area; close to a beautiful bay and a stone's throw to Government House; imposing houses and gardens were built at Woolloomooloo, just a short carriage ride to the heart of the colony. At the end of the 19th century, as roads and logistics improved business people moved out; and small factories moved closer to the ports. Workers were needed in Sydney and other city areas; and the population balance of Australia changed; big houses became boarding houses and grand homes were demolished to build terraced houses for workers, local shops, cafes and drinking establishments. Woolloomooloo Bay gained a reputation for lively lifestyleBetween 1911 and 1915, the Sydney Harbour Trust built the Woolloomooloo Bay Finger Wharf as a wool-shipping wharf, one of the world's largest wooden buildings. In use even before it was completed Woolloomooloo finger Wharf helped Australia to grow on the back of the sheep and farewelled the ANZAC fleet leaving Sydney for Gallipoli. In the mid 20th century, many grand old homes were demolished to make low cost housing; although much character remains in the streets, houses and pubs of Woolloomooloo Bay.

Woolloomooloo - Today

In close proximity to Sydney CBD, Woolloomooloo has excellent access to the many attractions of Sydney: the casino, the riverside attractions of Darling Harbour and the Sydney Convention Centre, China town and excellent markets with an array of fresh fruits and unique clothes and crafts, theatres and shows and shops. Woolloomooloo Bay Wharf has been restored and provides stunning views of the Sydney skyline and harbour surrounds. Restaurants and dining options abound with some of Sydney's hot chefs delivering a variety of excellent dishes in restaurants with names that include words such as 'Italiano'; 'Cucina'; 'Boulangerie Patisserie' and 'China'; modern Asian dishes, seafood and original Asian-inspired cocktails are served on Woolloomooloo BayNext to The Old Fitzroy hotel the Old Fitzroy Theatre has regular performances and shows. With Garden Island Naval Base close to Woolloomooloo Bay the 4000 naval personnel ensure that Woolloomooloo is a hive of activity; visiting ships regularly host open days to board the ships and explore the facilities. The iconic Australian pie shop, Harry's Cafe de Wheels is open until the early hours and along with the proper Aussie Woolloomooloo pubs should not be missed.