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Mascot Sydney Australia
Sydney NSW

Mascot Sydney New South Wales Australia

Located to the north west of Botany Bay, Mascot is some 7 km south east of the Sydney CBD.

Mascot - Aboriginal History

The original owners of the area around Mascot are the Aboriginal Kameygal people, who thrived for millenniums on the resources of the area for food, medicine, weapons and work implements. The first settlements by white man occurred at Botany Bay and Sydney Cove. Indigenous people were first displaced and then decimated by the introduction of such illnesses as smallpox.

Mascot - History

Market gardening to feed Sydney was established in 1835. The municipality of North Botany was formed in 1888 and by 1904 a horse racecourse called Ascot was in operation. Following a referendum in 1911 the name of Mascot was adopted; by 1921 Mascot was selected as the site of a public airfield the Commonwealth Government bought up some 161 acres for what was to become Sydney Airport, with the first flights beginning in 1924. in 1947-52, Cook River was diverted from the area to provide more airport land.

Mascot - Today

Mascot is the administrative centre of the City of Botany Bay, New South Wales and the massive Sydney Airport is located at Mascot. Mascot has excellent access to the attractions of Sydney: the casino, the riverside attractions of Darling Harbour and the Sydney Convention Centre, China town and excellent markets with an array of fresh fruits and unique clothes and crafts, theatres and shows and shops.