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Children aged 2-11 years

Include all children (even if your selected hotel offers free children's accommodation in existing beds, but only select the physically required beds and number of paying guests in each room type you chose at your hotel). Age as at the time of travel. Proof of age may be required at check-in. Child in aircraft must be able to sit upright unaided in any seat purchased. Packages must include at least 1 adult.

Infants under 2 years

Age as at the time of travel. Proof of age may be required at check-in. Cott not included (but can be requested under Special Requests). Packages must included at least 1 adult. Infants under 7 days old may not be accepted on aircraft (please check before booking). Parents of very young infants should consult a doctor prior to booking.

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Flight Packages in Tasmania

Tasmania Flights Packages

It is not difficult to fall in love with the Apple Isle and a Tasmania Flight and Hotel package deal is perfect to see why! With 4 distinct seasons travel to the southern most part of Australia is always a beautiful adventure; Hobart town, historic, elegant, welcoming and the last stop off point before Antarctic; friendly natural Strahan, set alongside some of the awesome natural beauty in the world, the Franklin ? Lower Gordon Wild Rivers National Park; Launceston, central to the delights of the Tamar Valley and a good destination to begin a Tassie flight and accommodation package to visit the awesome Cradle Mountain ? Lake St Clair National Park.

Weekend visitors to Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania, can enjoy the Saturday Morning eruption of famed Salamanca Markets, where artisans flog their work alongside perhaps exotic drummers from South America and local grown, colour perfect fruit and veggies are set out in style next to delightful artwork and visitors can use some of the money they saved by booking a Discover Australia Tasmania Flight plus hotel package to load up their baggage with treasures. Wander along Sullivans Cove, Hobart on Boxing Day to see where the annual Sydney to Hobart boat race ends, with massed racing yachts resting after scooting across the Bass Straight or to enjoy fresh caught seafood on a jetty overlooking historic buildings before visiting Wrest Point Casino or visiting the new, privately owned Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). A magnificent building with exotic displays close to Hobart town with a vineyard and restaurant to enjoy a visit to MONA is an excellent reason to book a Tasmania flight package for a weekend break.

From Hobart, take a day out to visit the very accessible Port Arthur National Park where you will be surprised at the beautiful parklands and amazing detail of the historic township on Mason Cove, which was set up in the dark days of colonisation, not as many people believe, to house prisoners newly deported from Mother England, but as a centre of secondary punishment for recidivists who continued to commit crimes in the new land; hear of tales of success too, of families who lived there and of prisoners who made good, and helped to build the new colony.

Heading up the east coast of Tasmania, a visit to beautiful Richmond is a must; picnic on a broad river bank that is crossed by convict built bridge; see an ancient schoolhouse, Australia?s first Catholic Church and visit the historic graveyard and enjoy lunch in a trendy cafe with great food and perfect service. Add in a visit to Freycinet NP for some iconic photo shots for the album, Coles Bay and pretty Bicheno town with a surprisingly varied cafe strip offering fresh seafood and local produce and very friendly locals and photos, photos, photos all the way, with fabulous beaches and seascapes and cold climate wineries with welcoming cellar doors for the traveller on a Tasmania flight package deal to enjoy.

Sophisticated Launceston set on the tip of the Tamar River, with elegant historic buildings, parklands and a renowned brewery is an excellent arrival or departure port for the traveller wishing to enjoy a Tasmania Flight plus accommodation package to tour the island. The Tamar Valley is a must do experience, with the beautiful Batman Bridge making it possible to travel both sides of the Tamar Valley without doubling up and without missing any of the great villages, farms or wineries on either side.

With great roads connecting the towns along the northern tip of Tasmania, there is much to do and see heading west from Devonport; visit an extinct volcano at Table Cape to see a fabulous bulb farm with fields of colour in season, all in the volcanic soil of the area with a lighthouse standing sentinel nearby; stand atop the Nut, another aged volcano that overlooks the perfect harbour below with the fishing fleet that brings in the famous cray fish for your dinner in one of the friendly eating houses Stanley is famed for and another good reason for the foodie to pick a package deal including flights to Tasmania.

The bucolic countryside of Tasmania is evidenced with the award winning cheese factory just north of Deloraine demonstrating cheese making and offering tastings of exotic and traditional cheeses made from milk from the cows you saw just done the track! And who could resist taking a picture of the huge penguin sitting on the beachfront at Penguin, with the Penguin Meals on Wheels depot just across the road in Penguin Township, west of Devonport

Travelling south on the western side of Tassie, through rolling green countryside dotted with villages and towns with names straight out of an English landscape, excitement mounts as the visitor on a Tasmania flight package enters the Cradle Mountain ? Lake St Clair National Park. Scenic changes now to glacier scared mountains carved in ancient times where the highest mountain in Tasmania, Mt Ossa and Lane St Clair, Australia?s deepest lake are part of the pristine natural environment of the world famed NP in the heartlands of Tasmania?s alpine country. Cradle Mountain is a perfect retreat for the adventurous long haul trekker or the gentle walker to enjoy the sights and sounds of the alpine Tassie flora and fauna.

One of life?s adventures on a Tasmania flight package deal is the drive into Queenstown from the north. Wonderful scenic vistas with deep tree clad gorges, pleasant villages and overhead gondolas in places, rivers and distant mountains and wonderful Australian fauna and a gradual climb that gives way to the snaking road and the drive that leads to the lookout over Queenstown. See the mining town where the landscape was changed so much by the miners and the loggers in olden days ? then drive on to Strahan, set on Macquarie Harbour. Enjoy the dockside atmosphere of the working town where tourism is a major industry ? wander through the shops, cottages and early buildings and take a trip on a boat to the awesome Gordon River and Sarah Island to hear of early pioneers and recent heroes who fought to keep the pristine wilderness wild. See ancient trees covered in green velvet and ?new? seedlings taking up roots in them, see wide vistas of the fast flowing river, rocks red with algae, oceanic fish farms and ancient homes with steps of rock worn down with many feet over the ages as you enjoy the pleasures of a Tasmania flight and accommodation package from Discover Australia.