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Monkey Mia Dolphins Monkey Mia Area Tourism Guide Western Australia Tourism
A small group of bottlenose dolphins, five adult females and two male calves, swim into the shallows at Monkey Mia some 850km north of Perth. These dolphins that glide through the warm and lively waters of the Shark Bay World Heritage Area and Marine Park are one of the true wonders of wild Australia. Wild dolphins cruise daily into shore to receive fish from the hands of specially trained Rangers

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Monkey Mia Dolphins History

Since the early 1960s, dolphins have been seen swimming around the shallows and in 1964, a local woman Mimm Watts handfed dolphins from her husbands fishing boat. Over the next few days they came back for more, then other dolphins followed and a pattern of feeding was established.

Monkey Mia Wild Dolphins

It is totally up to the dolphin when to the dolphins will come into the shore. They usually come in the morning and it is a very rare day when the dolphins fail to visit Monkey Mia at all.
Feeding the dolphins is very controlled to ensure the very smart dolphins pick up no free feeding pattern, to be sure that they are less likely to become dependant on humans for food.
November is the dolphins mating season. Local radio stations broadcast Dolphin Reports each morning telling visitors when the dolphins visited Monkey Mia the previous day and how many people came to see the dolphins.
Rangers patrol the dolphin beaches and help make sure the interaction guidelines and correct behave around the dolphins of Monkey Mia is strictly adhered to.

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Monkey Mia Dolphins Monkey Mia Australia

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Monkey Mia Dolphins Monkey Mia Western Australia

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